A Noticeboard (continued)

Just received a commercial quote for the noticeboard for work (the one I was working on a ways back).  Granted that they are using glass front (mine was perspex), and theirs is double the size, with some signage and is hung, so the playing field isn’t exactly level.

Total cost of the noticeboard I made: $78

Total cost of the quote: $2600

Think I should quit my day job immediately, and become a noticeboard maker!

Odd Spot

Was in Bunnings yesterday buying some particle board for the backing of a noticeboard I’ve been asked to make for work (video is in the pipeline), and found the plans for a picnic table, normally priced at $9.95 (because that extra 5c makes all the difference!), but were being dumped for 50c.  Always worth having a quick look at the sales tables – all sorts of strange things in strange juxtapositions when they are thrown together on the tables!

Speaking of Bunnings, I will be doing another Triton demo evening at the Pakenham Bunnings next Wednesday fwiw.

Was playing around out in the shed just before, in particular finding different ways to use the Lidwig cable hanger after shooting a quick review video earlier today of the various Lidwig clamps.  It is always interesting how one idea leads to the next, and sometimes how a solution comes right out of left field.

To sum up the day, I finished the kid’s table for my 2 year old (just needs Mum to paint it), finished a aluminium-framed notice board for work, and shot 2 (or 3?) videos for Stu’s Shed TV, including the Lidwig Clamp review.  (I notice the Wood Whisperer now has a Wood Whisperer.TV page – wonder where he got that idea from 😉 )

So quite a successful day all told. Tomorrow will be interesting as well.  It is the last meeting ever of the Triton Woodworkers Club in Melbourne, so for me, that will be the end of a 6 year relationship.  I bought a few things during the club auction, including the storage cabinet, so that will certainly be put to use improving the storage in the shed.  Kind of nice to have small momentos like that too – gone, but not forgotten.  Always wished I could have gotten one of the bars out of the wardroom of one of the warships I sailed on, before they were sunk as dive sites.  Oh well.  Anyone for a drink 100′ down?  (I really have to dive my old ship one day). Must be late – getting nostalgic.

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