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The latest edition of the Nova Newsletter (viewable here) has the latest video on the DVR Remote featured.  Cool 🙂


Screenshot (so the links won’t actually work!)


Nova Newsletter

Flicking through Twitter (using Flipboard on the iPad fwiw), saw a link on NOVA Woodworking’s account (@novawoodworking) about a free project plan download. Following the link took me to their latest newsletter, and there I saw some strangely familiar words. They sounded familiar that is, and being that they were mine, that shouldn’t be a surprise!

My article on the remote control for the DVR made the e-newsletter! Way cool 🙂 Now I better hurry up and write the full article on actually fitting (and using) the remote control to my DVR XP!

Teknatool eNewsletter

Teknatool eNewsletter

You can see the September newsletter here

And if you found Stu’s Shed via the newsletter, welcome 🙂

Guess that is how “Angry Simon” (aka Simon Guillot) found my site, and my associated Facebook account, and decided a long, ALL CAPS tirade was applicable. Knob.

To everyone else, welcome! There are a number of articles on this site about the very cool DVR XP, and many more to come. Got to love kiwi engineering.

Regular email newsletter

I have been knocking around the idea of an email newsletter from Stu’s Shed – such as a weekly or monthly summary of posts/articles/discussions, summary of upcoming events, and any current specials etc available for Stu’s Shed readers (from companies supporting Stu’s Shed).

I am interested in your feedback – is this something you might be interested in?  I will not be using ANY email addresses I currently have to generate the mailing list – you will need to separately register (there is NO WAY I am going to do anything that even hints of spam!), and obviously that also means opting out if you decide not to continue is right up there in importance.

Answering the survey commits you to nothing – I’m looking only for a show of interest to see if I should pursue the concept further.

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