Superhydrophobic Surface Treatment

Apparently this is available in the US in hardware stores (Home Depot), the product is “NeverWet”.  No idea about whether the product should be available as a consumer product, but as a concept it sure is pretty amazing.  The applications could be incredible.  $US20 for 2 cans (and yes, I checked that it is actually available).

However, in the wrong hands, I would be concerned about its safety.

Imagine if swallowed.  How could the body absorb nutrition, if the surfaces of the stomach repel liquids absolutely? If you got it in your eyes, then the eyes could not lubricate.  Sure there are a whole swag of other dangers of the liquid/application.

On the other hand, how amazing the potentials.  For example, in the video the lack of waste in the concrete pour.  I wonder how a ship would perform with such a substance on its hull.  There would be so much less friction of water passing the hull.  Get a spill on a concrete floor, and have the floor repel the liquid (water, oil etc).  If a piece of equipment was completely treated, could you clean it down with a hose?  In a video on the NeverWet website, it shows an iPhone and a calculator, both operating quite happily underwater, with only an external coating of the product.  Computers that would be proof against a sprinkler system deluge. Car windscreens that wouldn’t need windscreen wipers.

Amazing stuff.

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