The Brisbane Working with Wood Show is rolling around again.  Seems to have been longer than 12 months, but that is only because in the back of my mind I remember there was another wood show up there (the seemingly failed Hands-On Wood Show) I didn’t go to, so that seems to count as an extra year since the last Working with Wood.

Also too, so much has happened in the last 12 months – I swear life is busier now than ever before.

So after 12 months, I’m on my way back to Brisbane for this year’s show.  With MagSwitch leaving Australian stores, a couple of companies have become the new importers/distributors of their products.  One for industrial applications, the other for woodworking.  The woodworking range is handled by MaxisTools,  and they have asked if I can head on up to the Brisbane show to help with their stand, particularly the MagSwitch and Kreg product ranges.

So as of today, I’ve confirmed that I will be heading up to the show, and booked flights etc.  So, 21-23 May, see you in Brisbane!

(And 2 weeks later, I will be at the Melbourne National Tradesman’s Expo, on the Stu’s Shed stand).

Talk about a busy 12 months!

National Tradesman’s Expo

A quick heads-up at this stage: Stu’s Shed is going to be at the National Tradesman’s Expo, 4 – 6 June, held at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

And yes, I said Stu’s Shed – in a cool symbiotic arrangement with Torque Workcentres, it will be a combined stand – I will be located at A43 – a 3 x 9m stand towards the rear (and next to the MASSIVE United Tools shop that will be there, so plenty of traffic at the end of the first isle).

Now I haven’t forgotten you lot either.  I’ve been negotiating on your behalf, and have an arrangement with NTX- (and not limited to the yet-to-be-finalised Shed Dweller concept), sometime in the next week or so there will be a flier you will be able to download (and this is exclusive to Stu’s Shed afaik) that will give you 2 for 1 entry to the show.  So you can grab a mate, and get into the show for 1/2 price.

If you have any Tradie mates, let them know too.  Anyway, as mentioned this is only a bit of a heads-up.  The full details will be available around Wednesday/Thursday, including the 2 for 1 offer.

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