A First Box

Suppose that is a little misleading – I have made boxes before, but not with an attention to the joint, nor, from memory, with the use of nice timbers and it to have cosmetic appeal as well as a function.  Who knows why – I’ve gone as far as proving the joint can be made (by me that is!), and the other specific construction areas, but hadn’t actually bought them together to create a finished object.

So this is what I have come up with.  I’ve given away the sliding lid, and instead went for a shallow rebate around the lid for a close fitted separate one.  Leaving hinges for another day, and for a box with thicker walls (at least initially).  I’d also like to try to make wooden hinges, but again – not for this box!

Mulga Box

Mulga Box

The finish is very simple, which I like – I’ve given it a sand to about 220 grit with a ROS (random orbital), then applied Ubeaut Traditional Wax.  This was then bought to the final finish with a good buff with a Ubeaut Swansdown mop, mounted in the drill press.  I haven’t used it for smaller objects before (that weren’t turning on the lathe that is), so have always had it mounted in a hand drill.  Having it mounted in a fixed tool and bringing the work to the mop was so much easier! (Of course working on large furniture which is the last thing I used it on doesn’t exactly give you that option!)

UBeaut Swansdown Mop

UBeaut Swansdown Mop

It might look dirty etc, but it needs to have a significant wax buildup in the mop before it actually becomes functional, otherwise it just sucks the wax right out of the project!

Researching, and half-completed projects

Been having a bit more look into the box project, and I’m thinking that I have a start to work with. It isn’t the box I had planned, but small steps. I did a test (must have been over a year ago now – unbelievable) of the Incra LS Positioner to see how easy it was to do a dovetail. It was meant to be a box for my router bits, but well before I finished, it was rather undersized for the job, so it never progressed past the 4 sides stage. Had a look at it tonight, and surprisingly, it really fits the bill.

Typical of me, I had jumped in the deep end, other than a couple of test cut in pine prior, the first actual attempt at a dovetailed box was made in a very nice piece of Mulga. I don’t have any WIP (work-in-progress) photos at this stage, but it is a good start to a project I may not otherwise get done in time. Means that I can take my time on the next version, and not feel as rushed.

Speaking of photos, and it isn’t woodworking related, but given it is the start of December, this is what I have been doing the last evening or so.


Not the best photo – just a record snap. (3 second exposure……handheld!)

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