Day of the Machine

After taking much of the day to do some family things (beach before, and BBQ after) for Australia Day, I also moved a number of machines into the shed, now that the electrical was completed and therefore the machines wouldn’t get in the way.

Heavy buggers, especially over soft, churned up dirt the backyard has become.  The pallet jack is such an asset – able to lift the heaviest machine easily, and with reasonably wide wheels, can even manage the ground to a certain extent.

Even so, it was too much to move the thicknesser on my own (230 or so kg), so with a brief assistance of a couple of neighbours, it flew across the back yard.

Paying the price for it all now though!

Never-the-less, a good number of moves was achieved – slowly emptying the garage, and the shed starting to take on real character.

Placement/layout is by no means locked in (never is in my shed!), but am roughly placing them still in accordance with the original plan.

What was moved in this time was the Jet lathe (still uncertain about its long term plan), Jet 14″ bandsaw, Torque Workcentre, the workbench, thicknesser.

Impending dislocation

Just one more weekend to go before our move to our new home. Goes without saying, it has been a busy time preparing the place. Seems like I have spent weeks painting, repairing, plastering, gardening.

I have tried to pack the shed in the meantime, and have made some progress on it, but seems there is still a lot to do. Once the house contents have been moved, I am hoping it will get a bit easier as I will be able to start moving the large machines out of the shed ready for their date with a crane truck 😉 It will make what is left a bit easier to see, and a lot easier to get to!

It is a poor photo (I ran out of light before I had a chance to snap a pic), but the sort of thing I have been doing around the place are all the jobs that I have been meaning to get to for years, such as a handrail on the back steps


Came up well, and it is nice and solid. Much of the shaping was done on the tablesaw (a drop saw or SCMS would have been preferable). I used the Arbortech TURBOPlane to shape one end. Screwed together using the new Kreg screws I got in the Kreg toolbox, and my doubts over the combo head (designed to use either Robinson square drive or Phillips) was confirmed. They are a lot more prone to slippage- the Phillips drive slots allows the square drive to be,able to slip under torque.

So one last weekend. The list of things to do is still long and illustrious, but it is getting shorter, slowly.

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