Where’s Stu?

Sorry – been a bit MIA.

Working on a new video, will be out in the next day or two, and the next review for the Australian Wood Review.

Plus I put a armchair out in the shed, and have found myself contemplating a lot!

Off to the Triton Club this morning, with a car-full of tools for anyone who tags along to have a play with.

Have been reading up about the Bunnings / Techtronics (Ryobi) exclusive deal.  There’s a very interesting article in one of the trade magazines about it.  Depending on which side of the fence you stand over the issue, it is either quite biased, or just a very scary reflection on the current state of play, all with ACCC approval.  Certainly if you walk into a Bunnings at the moment, there is a definite lack of choice in the tool department.

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