Holy Quackin’ Duckfish – that is a workshop!

If you haven’t seen it before, check out Marc “The Wood Whisperer” Spagnuolo’s latest workshop. (Click for a larger view)

IMG_0977 IMG_1386

That is a killer workshop – size of a small football field, with an acre of space around each tool.  A glistening epoxy floor (or looks like), and Powermatic and Festool all the way (with a splash of Bessey for good measure).  Click here to head to Marc’s page on the workshop, including a full tool list, and links from them to the tools available through Amazon.  Don’t try adding it all up however, the value will floor you!

Don’t forget the obligatory drum kit at one end!

Tom’s Workbench

Tom Iovino runs a website called Tom’s Workbench, and has done so now for about 5 years.


There are a few old hands of us around – Tom has been working closely with Marc Spagnuolo, and their Wood Talk online.  The blogosphere sure has grown since there was only the podfather (Matt Vanderlist), then Marc (Wood Whisperer), then mine, and Tom’s not long after, before the place exploded!  Still, I’d like to think the blogs like Tom’s, Marc’s, Matt’s and mine are still setting the standards for others to follow.  You may not agree, but that is fine too – for my sake, I’d like my blog to be more than it is, but unless it was a primary income generator, it could never get the full attention it deserves.

Anyway, Tom was kind enough to post about Stu’s Shed as the link of the week – cheers mate 🙂


The Wood Whisperer at the Melbourne Show

Marc managed to make an appearance down under!


Wood Whisperer on the iPhone!

Yeah-as much as I would have loved to have an iPhone app out there (still would!), Marc and Kenneth have realised the dream!

The Woodshop Widget is now out!  A combined effort of The Wood Whisperer and Grand Unified LLC, it features a number of useful tools, as well as a feed directly from the Wood Whisperer blog.

I’ve been using the pre-release version for a while and it is cool, and now the full version is out, and is only $1.99 – if you have an iPhone this is worth a look.

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The Woodshop Widget is a handy collection of wood-related utilities, ranging from board foot calculation to shellac mixing aids, squareness testing and many other goodies. It contains a wide range of useful functionality that handles many tedious tasks simply and clearly. Mixed in with the technical stuff are regularly updated tips and tricks from The Wood Whisperer, Marc Spagnuolo, and access to The Wood Whisperer site in a mobile interface.

The Widget understands Imperial and Metric, and the local measurement system is used by default. You can change this at any time with the app settings. It also uses a custom keyboard for quick access, making editing both efficient and immediate.

Board Feet
Easily enter the 3 dimensions required for calculating board feet and get an immediate amount. You can also enter a price and quantity of boards for a total price. The local currency is automatically used when entering prices.

Decimal to Fraction
Enter fractions and see the decimal results, or enter decimal values and see fractions calculated, all in one place. Remainders and reduced fractions are automatically shown.

Shows an estimate of how much a board might grow and shrink under different conditions, based on verified information for over 230 distinct species. You can enter measured or humidity-based water content, board width, and how the board was cut from the tree (anywhere from flat to quartersawn). The amount of change is shown as you edit. Works in Imperial and Metric.

The Wood Whisperer
A “live” collection of tips and tricks, created and updated by Marc Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer. Tips cover such topics as finishing and shop management. This section also includes an easy way to access The Wood Whisperer site so you can keep up on the latest from Marc. You can even watch the latest episodes of the podcast right on your phone.

Mix or dilute shellac in any amounts. Enter a “pound cut” and the measurements are balanced for you. Mix as much or as little as you need, using not only gallons and pounds, but also cups and ounces or liters and milliliters. Dilute from any pound cut that you have on hand to any other concentration, instantly! Works in Imperial and Metric.

Test your framing squares, combination squares, carcasses or anything else that needs a perfect right angle for accuracy by measuring lengths. The Widget will show you how far from “right” the angle is.

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