Departing quietly, Stage Right

I was exhibiting at one of the expos some time ago- from memory it was the Tradesman’s Expo 2010 when I was approach by a couple of gents who had a proposal for a Aussie garage/shed magazine and whether I might be willing to be one of the writers for it.

Initially it was being proposed to be called “Top Garages”, to position it alongside Top Gear.  At some stage in the piece, the name changed to the (somewhat unfortunate) “ManSpace” (And yes, any time that I mentioned that I write for “ManSpace Magazine”, I’d get some very strange sideways glances.  Probably much the same as those now given to writers for Playboy Magazine, now that it is abandoning nudity)

Over the course of the first 15 editions of ManSpace, spread over 5 years, I wrote about 38 articles in total, a few short, a few long.

When the 15th issue came out, it didn’t list me as a contributor (although my segmented clock article was still inside) – in hindsight the writing was on the wall, and apparently issue 16 has been on the shelves a few weeks, with my last article left unpublished.  The magazine has decided that it no longer wants a regular “how to” section (it had already stopped the tool reviews), and so, it seems, that is it.

I was actually having a conversation with someone not two days ago, who was lamenting that with the aging population there was an increasing shortage of casual paying jobs, as the retired generation were looking for something to do, and are willing to give their time for free.  In one respect, it seems that my Stu’s Shed section of the magazine has tripped over the same experience, as any future how to articles are to be written (for free) by those in the Men’s Shed organisation.

C’est la vie.  It was fun while it lasted.

Apparently there is a second season of ManSpace TV on the way, although in season one it seemed to only give a passing nod to the magazine that started it, (although they ‘discovered’ on air many of the collections and sheds that had been featured in the magazine).


It is not all bad news if you do enjoy my magazine articles, you can still get the bi-monthly “The Shed” magazine, which is an awesome read, and has a large Stu’s Shed section (not that I’m biased!)



ManSpace 12


Next issue is out (number 12 if anyone is keeping count).

I’ve lost track of what episode ManSpace TV is up to, but it is travelling well.

I have a couple of articles in this one- one on part 2 of the 3 part feature on building a shed, and a short one on bending timber with kerfing.

Episode 1 has gone to air!

If you missed it, you can catch it here:

For those that did watch it, what did you think?

Manspace coming to Go!

May 26, 7:30

I’d embed a video, but Nine use MSN, which is painfully restrictive (and downloading and reposting the video here, or on YouTube is a breech of copyright)

If you follow this link, you can watch the intro to the show.

More photos from the studio floor

ManSpace TV is on its way!

ManSpace comes to the Idiot Box!

It seems like a very long time ago, but I can finally let you know a secret.

ManSpace Magazine is going to launch itself onto your TV set on May 12! I was at the filming of the first episode late last year, and it looks like it will be a pretty cool show, an extension of the magazine, and vice versa.

It will be a 10 episode first series, I think each episode is to be 30 minutes long, and will air on GO! (Channel 9’s extra digital channel).


Given Stu’s Shed’s connection to the magazine (I’ve been writing about tools and woodworking for them since the very first edition), I wonder if ‘The Shed’ will ever get to make an appearance?

All in all, a pretty awesome development for ManSpace Magazine! Very exciting 🙂 Oh, and it will be good to see some shed-related content on the box again, and not just some reality show or other.

It’s a ManSpace World

Father’s Day is closing in surprisingly fast – hope you are more organised than I am!

I’ve been talking with the MD and editor for ManSpace, and we have arranged a small prize for Stu’s Shed readers.


If you subscribe to ManSpace in time for Father’s Day (at the bank-breaking rate of $29.95 for a year’s subscription (or $19.95 for the electronic version)), let me know via email or comment.  If you have subscribed already during this month, you are also eligible to enter.

I will do a draw on Father’s Day, and two winners will be able to choose to have their subscription extended for a second year, or have a second subscription to give away to family or a friend.

As a bit of a teaser, ManSpace have provided the attached PDF of some of the pages from the current edition.

ManSpace Teaser


Subscriptions can be arranged at or ring (a real person) at Freecall 1800 623 214. An online edition is available for $19.95 at  – just search the title ManSpace

ManSpace Magazine Online

It is not very well known I’d hesitate to say, but along with the Facebook page, more recently there is also a ManSpace magazine website.

It contains a number of previous issue articles, including quite a number that I have written, if you happen to have missed them.


It’s a ManSpace world

The next issue has just hit the letterboxes of subscribers, and will soon be on the shelves of magazine shops around the place.1116245_608514999170255_515438726_oThis issue marks the last produced by the founding editor, Jonathan Green, whom I have been working with on it since before it was first released (and before it even had the ManSpace title)  Not to say I was any more than a bit-player in its creation, but was signed up as one of the ongoing contributors (and never fear, I still remain so – which reminds me, I better get onto the articles for the next issue. No rest for the wicked).

My contributions to the current issue include an article step-by-step on making some traditional-looking wooden vehicles (I aim some of these articles at people who have never considered any woodworking before), on assembling a knife kits (in this case for a Nakiri blade), where you make the scales (the handle), and a review of the Promac generator (one that is about to play quite a role in the shed (when constructed) until such time as a new power supply is established)

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