Episode 1 has gone to air!

If you missed it, you can catch it here: http://www.jump-in.com.au/show/manspace/episodes/

For those that did watch it, what did you think?

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It is getting close – a couple more days.  Monday, 7:30pm on Go!

Tell your mates 🙂 Seriously.

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Friday night, and it was a long one.  The last 3 episodes (7, 8 and 9) were put into the can.  There is one more episode to go for Season 1, which cannot film until the show has done a season’s run, being a huge competition win.  So episode 10 will be shot, on location, in about 2 months time.

These last 3 episodes also went very well, and consistent in concept to the start of the series.

Really looking forward to seeing this on the screen, and the first season DVD!  Not a bad blooper reel either (so long as they show it after 8:30pm ) 😉

So Monday.  It is going to be good.

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And after all that, (and the new edition of the mag only just having made the shop shelves), another is coming out during the show’s running.  I have to start writing articles for the one after that – getting busy!

Manspace coming to Go!

May 26, 7:30

I’d embed a video, but Nine use MSN, which is painfully restrictive (and downloading and reposting the video here, or on YouTube is a breech of copyright)

If you follow this link, you can watch the intro to the show.

More photos from the studio floor

ManSpace TV is on its way!

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