55 Great Sites for Woodworkers

Construction Management Schools has included Stu’s Shed in its list of 55 Great Sites for Woodworkers.

Some interesting sites included in the list – worth checking out.

Bunch of New Links

The following links have been recently added to the links page.


Addictive Pen Kits
Cherrytree Toys
Custom Branding Irons
Lazy Larry Woodworks
Saw and Bits
Terry’s Wooden Toys
Torque Workcentre
YHS Dust Masks

Super Link Post

Since posting an initial list of blogs, a number more blogs have been sent through (thanks!), and I have also dived heavily into my old woodworking links folder, checking all my links to make sure only current ones were retained.  There are still notable exceptions I’m sure – there are some I’m sure I could find for the commercial section, but will pick them up later.  For any sites I’ve missed but shouldn’t have (particularly because I do know of them). My apologies – please remind me!!

Any others you want to submit, go right ahead.  In the meantime, the contents of this post will become a separate links page on this site as a permanent resource. Currently 173 sites are listed here – enjoy the explore!

And just a note – there is no ulterior motivation here for me having listed sites both here and a few posts ago – the response from the previous post was so positive, I decided a more comprehensive list was justified.


Yes – the list has been removed, or rather, it has been moved and is now on its own tab at the top of the page, called “Links

I kept adding sites, and so as not to have to do any more double handling than necessary, one central depository of links is a lot easier!

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