A catalogue unlike any other

How would you like some of the finest hand tools on the planet?  Get yourself a copy of the latest catalogue from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, mark up the most interesting pages, and subtly leave it lying around the house (all the while lamenting about how hard it is to find good Xmas presents)!

The latest cattle dog is out from Lie-Nielsen, and it is a beauty.  You can download a copy here. (5MB PDF) Alternately, you can order a printed copy here.

Lie Nielsen Cattle Dog

Unlike most other catalogues about the place, the Lie Nielsen is not just a list of the tools that are available, but is very instructional at the same time, going into the details of the tools, and often how they are used, how they are useful, how they are made and so on.  It sounds just like any other, but it takes the concept beyond the sales pitch, into much more interesting areas.
If nothing else, this is toolporn at its finest. Just try not to drool on the keyboard!

Anarchy in the Shed

While walking past the Lie Nielsen stand at the show, half buried under another book, a nondescript cover and logo caught my eye.



To most, that understated cover means very little, certainly not something worth even a casual glance.  But behind that symbol lies a much greater story

The Anarchist's Tool Chest

The Anarchist’s Tool Chest

The book was the Anarchist’s Tool Chest, by Chris Schwarz.

To be honest, I doubt even 2 seconds passed before I had decided to buy it.  I know it is out in a number of formats (electronic), but I don’t think the real essence of the book can be conveyed in any other format than a physical, hardcover tome.

It is part journey, part instruction manual, part woodworking philosophy.  I expect to be challenged by the book to consider my workshop, to reassess tools that I have (not necessarily to part with them), and to develop a desire to construct an Anarchist’s tool chest of my own.

One Cut

Sick of sawing back and forth like crazy when cutting dovetails (or other short cuts)?

Check out this video of a Lie Nielsen “One Stroke” dovetail saw.  No doubt it was an April Fools joke, still funny as!

Chris Schwarz has found another use for it – gang-cutting dovetails.

The Sound of this Photograph

OK now, before we get started here I want you all to gather around there behind the bench. Like a family photo. We are going to gang-cut all the dovetails on all your tail boards with this one saw from Lie-Nielsen.

Yup. One cut. One and done. And you are going to be amazed.

Yup. Look amazed. Chris, drop your left hand there so we can see the saw in all its awesomeness.

Now remember folks this is amazing. Look amazed. Ready?

Chris Schwarz Gang Cut

Chris Schwarz Gang Cut

Reminds me of a few other tools created for the same task, such as this one from Veritas

Veritas Gang saw

Veritas Gang saw

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