Stu’s Shed at the Melbourne Wood Show

In a week (tomorrow) is the start of the Melbourne Timber and Working with Wood Show.  The maps are now out on the Impressive Exhibitions website, and can be found here.   Exhibitor List  and  Floor Plan

Zooming in on the plan, and right near the entrance is Triton’s stand (#20 & #21), and as part of that is Stu’s Shed (and thanks to Triton (aka Kincrome) for use of part of their stand).

Stu's Shed at Melbourne Show

Stu’s Shed at Melbourne Show

I am still working on just how the stand will look (and function)- Kincrome are providing benches and storage units that look pretty cool, and provide a decent amount of working area.  I will have a Triton router table there (again provided by Kincrome) so can do some demos on that, and I’m hopeful of having one of the new Comet lathes from Teknatool as well.  Over the next week, the plan will reveal itself  (to me as well!)

Kincrome Worx Modular

Kincrome Worx Modular

Now I’ve a better idea of the location and size, I’ll make some modifications to my ideas – scale back some concepts!  Not a bad thing – it is very easy to try to do too much – grandiose plans!


Finally got to the shed!

Have just been out at the shed for a couple of hours – been very hard to find time, especially with the disruptions of last weekend and the wood show.

I’m hoping to have some more footage to be able to put together a couple of new videos – sorry about the delay, but I have a lot of irons in the fire, and am finding it a real juggling act!

Tonight I was shooting the assembly of the Kincrome 5 in 1.  Thought I’d have it all done and shot in an hour, but ran into a few tricky bits during the assembly which caused a lot of frustration.  I hope some of the footage is usable, and I still have to add quite a bit about the actual usage.  Some parts will need editing out – certainly the one or two bits of rather…..uh…..descriptive language.

I’ll reserve my judgment of the tool, but I can say that I’m finding the lightweight folded steel construction to be part of the problem.  I’m seeing the Victorian Kincrome representative (demonstrator) tomorrow, so hope to pick his brains a bit.

I was going to also shoot an article on the Superjaws, but ran out of time, so hope that I will be able to get that done tomorrow – both a comparison of the old and new Superjaws, as well as maintenance of the old Superjaws.

Tomorrow (well later today to be precise!) is the next Triton club meeting here in Melbourne.  I’m dragging along a few of the new, very large Triton tools for members to have a play with.  So if you are in the area…..

New release from Kincrome

Got to have an interesting (brief) look around the Kincrome showroom today, and particularly their just-released workbench range.

There are 4 in the range (known as the Kincrome Zoom), from the 2 in 1 to the 5 in 1. They are a Swedish? German design, taking an old concept (that of the Workmate), and pushing it well beyond the original idea.

From what I could tell from the brief look (that was my fault, I didn’t have a lot of time), in summary:

2 in 1: basic functionality – similar to the workmate, but using the construction standards of the rest of the range

3 in 1: slightly advanced, and adds the ability to glue up mouldings for picture frames etc.

4 in 1: large jump in functionality – ability to mount tools (such as routers, circular saws, jigsaws etc) so they are controlled for cross-cutting type operations

5 in 1: takes the setup to a logical conclusion – expandable for large clamping operations, as well as the features of the other models (and particularly the mounting of power tools).

The Zooms are available in Australia (as of this week), and advertising for these can be seen on Channel 7.

FYI, Kincrome will be at the Wood Show, so if you are interested in seeing the units in the flesh (so to speak), and being put through their paces, you know where to go 🙂

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