Not a shout, nor a whisper, but a hum(mer)

Still a project in my future (so this is not something I have made….yet!)  I now have the plans for the Hummer, from Professional Woodworkers Supplies (PWS)

PATTERN97Can’t wait to get into it!  The model looks to be a pretty decent size too.  Looks pretty complicated, so imagine it will take some effort to get it right.  There will certainly be a lot more on these plans (and this project) when I get into it.

While some of the cuts may be possible on my standard machines, being able to make a cut with minimum kert will be a real benefit too.

PWS are getting into thin-kerf sawblades and mitre boxes, and that looks particularly suited to toy and model making, especially when dealing with small components.


It is not about the tools

In the end, it is always about what you do with them.

I do like a good tool, there is no doubt about it.  I do like a functional workshop, and the greater the capacity the better.

But what really counts is getting the enjoyment from using the workshop as it was intended, and despite the wide range of things I have (and will) produce from my workshop, my personal favourite is children’s toys.  Not that they all end up in the hands of kids!  Look in my office at work, and you’ll find wooden dinosaurs, a construction vehicle and other toys (the rest have been given away once made).

I’ve books and books of plans, but rarely get around to actually make one.  What I really want, are plans, ready to go.  And yet they are either really expensive, too basic, look like they were created in the ’60s, have to be imported from the US, or just do not inspire me enough.

So I’m genuinely excited by the latest offering from Professional Woodworkers Supplies – they now have plans on offer, a wide variety of vehicles and machinery.   These plans come with some of the critical components that are hard to fabricate. Even so, I may choose to do so anyway, using the parts supplied to make it easier to copy and duplicate (will decide that at the time!)

And what models they are! (Click on them if you want to go to the relevant page on PWS).


There are toddler toys as well (my personal preference is realistic vehicles, but obviously that is when I am making something for myself 😉 )

Come on shed, hurry up.  I want to get busy!!!

My only problem…..I want to make them all!


Big Boys Toys

Sometimes you come across other woodworkers’ projects that really make you sit up and look, and this is one of those.

Chuck Hoggarth makes very large scale models, and they are definitely worth a second look.




Check out some of his other projects on his website here

He sources many of his plans from Toys and Joys, a site that I am going to have a much closer look at, because I always really enjoy making those sorts of models.  Of course, I doubt I will be following Chuck’s lead, of scaling every model up by a factor of 4 though!

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