Over 100 Countries

Since early May, when I added the new widget that maps visitors to the site, there have been visitors from over 100 countries.  Cool huh – how amazing that a small shed in the back of beyond of south-east Melbourne suburbs, down-under gets seen all over the world (or is that the global village?)  Does that make me the village woodworker, or just the village idiot?

Over 100 countries, > 1/2 the world

Over 100 countries, > 1/2 the world

Are YOU the 200,000th visitor to Stu’s Shed?

As we rapidly approach the 200,000th visitor to Stu’s Shed (and no, my visits do not get counted!), are you the 200,000th? (It will be sometime between now and about Monday evening – currently averaging around 900/day) (If you are not exact, but within a few, give it a try – the closest entry I get will still win, and if it is a tie, I’ll toss a coin or something!)

If you are, (and the counter is on the right hand side of the screen), take a screen shot and email it to me.  If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, try hitting the print-screen button, then open Word, and do “Edit, Paste” (or Control-V).

If that doesn’t work, you could always take a photo of your screen!

Send it in, and I’ll send a (small) prize to you, world-wide!  Everyone is eligible! 🙂

The prize will be a GMC Powered Tape measure.  I know it isn’t a huge prize, but just a bit of fun 🙂

GMC Powered Tapemeasure

GMC Powered Tapemeasure

Oh, by the way, don’t try sending in a Photoshopped image – I have ways of telling them apart…..!!

Update: Looks like we have a tie?!! Will make a new post however announcing the winner(s)!

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