Storage Saturday

Take one Kapex, one air compressor and one framing gun, and quick as a flash, the floor was done in the back storage shed. (Shed#2 as mentioned recently)

This one is not for shed stuff, but for various household items that otherwise clog up garages, or workshops.

Also gave the Gorilla Gripper a run, carrying the sheets in for the floor.  That is one superb workshop accessory – I’m still surprised it isn’t readily available (in Australia).   I was using it to carry some other sheet goods around as well, and I can really see how the “General Purpose” one (0-21mm) would also be useful if you were slinging tin or aluminium about (or lifting thin sheets of ply etc)  Irrespective, the contractor’s was excellent – and I am going to be reminded of that every time I pick up a sheet.

Finally, after I cannot remember how long, I was finally able to empty the camping gear out of the trailer, and store it in its final home.  And the Xmas decos can make their way from the garage.  Things are finally coming together.

Simplest Innovations

I’ve spoken of them before, even recently, but it has taken some time for me to get around to doing anything about them. (Just had a look – 3 1/2 years ago!  The second I originally saw on “Cool Tools”).

I’m talking of the innovations (and they are quite fitting of the title) from Landon Innovations.  The Gorilla Gripper, and the LegUp. I was reminded of them recently in the comments when I was purchasing some redtongue flooring, and went looking. Not for sale anywhere, but as it turns out, imported (very locally) by Comnet Sales, in Carrum Downs.  So I contacted them in case they did warehouse door sales, and they were willing.

For $44, I got what I was primarily looking for, which was the Contractor’s grade Gorilla Gripper (this one can handle sheet goods between 9mm and 29mm).  There is a General Purpose one (wrong name personally – nothing “general purpose” about dealing with thin sheet goods like aluminium, or holding a full bag of sawdust by its top…hmm – wonder if I need another gripper……) that can handle between 0mm and 21mm, and a door one (same comment applies), that can handle goods between 31mm and 52mm thick.

Out to the shed, and tried it on a couple of full sheets of MDF I have there at the moment.  Sweet. Seriously.  Work like a charm.  No idea why Bunnings chose not to continue stocking the range – more fool them.  Not my concern, now I have tracked one down anyway.  Wish I had one years ago.

Here is one of the original promotional videos made of it.  Sells itself.

You might remember this one – back before the world turned PC.

There were a few pallets of these in the warehouse…just sitting there.

Photo 14-02-2014 14 36 06Photo 14-02-2014 22 28 31

I also asked if they stocked the LegUp while I was there – same company, so was hoping.  Turned out they had gotten some in to test the market (ages ago), and there was still about 20, somewhere in the warehouse.  Took about 30 minutes of looking in, around, and behind stock on pallets before they were located, but find them we did.

It is a REALLY simple design, and I am sure there are a number out there that would look at it, and make their own.  But for $38.50, (and I’d challenge anyone that has made their own version to demonstrate they came up with the idea BEFORE seeing the LegUp), I just got one of the originals.

Photo 14-02-2014 22 29 32

Fitted to the tablesaw in about 30 seconds, without exaggeration.  It can be used vertically (as designed) to clamp onto the edge of the cast iron wing, or you can go for the alternate orientation and clamp it to the horizontal bar that the fence runs on.  I went with the vertical mount so as not to have to remove the end caps from the saw.  Literally 30 secs, it stays right out of the way when not needed, and works like a bought one.

Photo 14-02-2014 22 29 41

I got them from Comnet Sales who are in Carrum Downs (9770 8156).  Their online price seems higher- not sure why – might be worth a call.  They seem to have a reasonable number of Grippers, but <20 LegUps.

Dang – that is heavy

After having a bit of a look at what may be involved in getting some of the Redtongue up onto the mezzanine, including rigging up a bit of a system with ropes etc, I decided that it needed another approach.

Then noticed Dave’s comment from yesterday, and it is spot on.  Redtongue is bloody heavy!  Once it is up and in place it will be fine, good in fact.  It is going to be a mongrel getting it up there.  It also points to the fact that I am going to need to come up with a good system for lifting items to the mezzanine when it is in use.

I’ve also been looking at the lighting situation, and think I’ve come up with a reasonable layout to ensure good, even lighting of the ground floor.  It will involve using all 13 double-tube fittings on the ground floor.  6 in the main section, 4 in the left side wing, and 3 in the rear wing.

That won’t leave any for the mezzanine, but I have a couple of stainless steel fans with lights available.  Not sure whether to use those on the ceiling of the ground floor (perhaps in place of 2 of the 6 in the main section), so I can use the fans down there, or to reserve them for the mezzanine, where they may be better appreciated (although less utilised).  Decisions, decisions.  Having both fluoros and fans, where the fan blades pass under the tubes is not an option – the resulting strobe effect is quite unpleasant.

So much to do, so little (available) time.

I had a look at the Gorilla Gripper – was hoping to buy it from Bunnings, but it was only being sold there as a promotional item, and is no longer available.  I had a bit of look online, and it turns out the importer is in Carrum Downs.  And they also have the Leg Up accessory as well, which has always looked like a great idea for handling sheet goods onto the tablesaw.

Looks like I will have to contact them and have a little chat!

Leg up

I really can’t remember if I mentioned this here or not – I certainly meant to!  It appeared on Cool Tools recently, and I thought it a very clever, and simple system – especially for a 1 man shop.

It is called the “Leg Up”, and is designed to help a single person manipulate a heavy, large sheet onto their tablesaw (or I imagine, equally suitable for something like the Torque Workcentre)

It comes from GorillaGripper, which is another smart product (and I think one that may be available in Australia through the jolly green giant)

Unfortunately their website doesn’t do the product justice – their video is quite convincing though.

I could definitely do with 2 of these in my workshop!

Gorilla Gripper

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