Where there is a weekend

Somewhere, there is a wood show.

They may not be as large as a Melbourne show, but the provincial shows can also be very rewarding.

Some I am aware of include:

Loch Woodworking and Timber Festival in Loch, Victoria, Sat 2—Sun 3 February
Tools and Techniques, Stuart School for Wood, Mittagong  NSW,  Sat 16—Sun 17 February
Artisans Expo, hosted by Artisans on the Hill, Tinonee NSW [near Taree], Fri 22—Sun 24 February

If you happen to be in the area, drop in and check em out.  These shows may not always attract the big players of the large woodshows, but in these cases I know that Gifkins Dovetail will be there.  Check out their Jumbo Gifkins too – It is great having the larger version of the original.  I was going to use it to make a microwave to complement my daughter’s toy kitchen, but ran out of time.  A project for another day!



A few years ago, Gifkins changed the Gifkins Dovetail jig from one made with a body of MDF, to one made from aluminium.  As part of the transition, there was a change to the mounting system for the templates, from one involving 5 wood screws to one with two hex bolts.

Unfortunately, this inevitably meant that old templates would not fit the new body, and vise versa.  The new template is also thicker, but that doesn’t matter here.

So what I have done, if only temporarily until I can get a full set of the new templates, is modify the old template to fit the new body.  Only takes a few minutes, and works well.

Gifkins Dovetail Templates

Gifkins Dovetail Templates

Using one of the new templates as a template (!) I marked where the new template holes go, drilled and countersunk the two securing holes.

Gave it a quick try, and got a perfectly acceptable dovetail.  Sweet!

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