Since my old DSLR failed a few years ago, and I upgraded the body, I have put up with (once again) not having a flash.  It has gotten to the point that I needed to get a replacement, and one that was again fully compatible with the current (and hopefully this time) future camera bodies.

Once upon a time, you could buy a camera (AF SLR), and have the accessories compatible with future models for years.  Now, you are lucky if they last one one model to the next.



Took a couple of quick photos in the shed to see how the new unit performed.  The first without the flash, the second with (and bounce).



Will take a bit to work out the idiosyncrasies, but it could be interesting, and hopefully result in an overall better outcome.

Stu’s Shed TV is almost back on the air

Just placed an order for a new video camera to get Stu’s Shed TV back online.

I’ve decided on the Canon HFS 20, and it should be pretty impressive, and significantly improve my workload in producing a video.

Canon – because they still make exceptional products, and have very sound optics.

H – stands for High Definition

F – stands for flash.  Not in the lighting sense (although the camera has both a small flash and a small video light), but in the way video is stored in this camera.  Flash memory – in other words there are no moving parts in the video storage – it is all solid state.  It has 32GB of dual built-in memory, and can also take dual SDHC cards, which means the available memory can be tripled if desired. (SDHC cards can go to a maximum of 32GB each)  One massive advantage for me in this – speed of transferring the raw video into the computer.  With the digital tapes I was using, if I shot 60 minutes of video, it would take another 60 minutes to transfer it to the computer.  Solid state recording results in a computer file that can be transferred directly to the computer – no more video capture required (AWESOME!!!)

S – Not sure exactly what this adds, but it is definitely a much larger CMOS chip for the video chip – over 8MB vs 3MB for the HF 20.

Can’t wait!!!!

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