Laser Based Woodworking

As woodworkers, we primarily still rely on very traditional methods for shaping wood, and for the modern woodworker not much has changed other than the death of a few more electrons.

Sure, the market has moved significantly, and a lot of technology has been bought in that turns an historic chisel or saw into a whirling dervish of razor sharp teeth mounted to a Flai Ultimate blade, but it still reduces down to a whole bunch of mini chisels paring wood away.

Where technology is making some indentations is the use of new methods for cutting.  Now lasers have been around for ages (observation about laser vs lazer removed: laser being an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation), but it is interesting just how available they are becoming for the backyard woodworker.  And even if you are not running out to buy one tomorrow, you can now buy kitsets for various items that utilise the accuracy/precision of the laser for your own woodworking.

I recently made up one of the laser-cut pen kits from Rockler, and it was remarkable just how each piece came together so precisely.  I have another to make of theirs – the Betsy Rose as a momento of my recent US trip.

Flame Kit from Rockler

The Roving Reporter also found another kit over the weekend that has particular appeal, also from the US, but in this case it has a definite down-under theme

Down Under Laser-cut pen

You know, I’m really starting to wonder if I shouldn’t get into retail – there are so many cool products out there!!


Other than the additions to the shed’s tool collection, I’ve added another couple of mementos to the shed of the trip to Denver.

I found a small US flag in one of the souvenir shops, which serves as a bit of colour/reminder for me of the trip over

US Flag for the shed wall

and although it is the first country flag to adorn the wall, it will be interesting if any future opportunities results in other nations flags being added to the collection!

And secondly, from the shoot itself, I took a template to use with the Torque Workcentre, and it proved a perfect canvas to get Grundy to sign.

Autographed Sign

Bit hard to read in the photo: it reads “Stu, Keep it cool! Great job on the show. Grundy”

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