Festool Stack

While making a decision about which Festool sander would be the best for me, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to try each out and give you a bit of an insight into my decision process.  Ideal Tools sent over this interesting stack, which also includes the wheeled base I needed for my rapidly growing collection of Systainers, as well as a Systainer set up to hold my random orbital sanding disks, which will keep them all together, and with the sander (as I do with the dominos).

A Stacka Festool

Unlike some other reviews, this will be rather interesting because I’m not comparing different models and brands in their ability to do a specific task.  I’m comparing models that are all at the top of the game, to see which will fit best with my requirements, not which has deficiencies in itself.

The three I am looking at are the ETS 150/3, the ETS 150/5 and the Rotex 150.  It will be particularly interesting to see if I can find a difference between the 150/3 and 150/5 – does that extra 2mm of throw really result in improved performance, or a decrease in finish (that I can notice)?

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