321EL Husqvarna

Picked up this chainsaw from Clayton Mowers yesterday in preparation for slabbing on the Torque Workcentre.


It is electric, which has advantages and disadvantages. Limited to a 16″ blade, it is 2000w, or the equivalent of a 2.8HP / 45cc petrol. That is still pretty punchy so it’ll be interesting to see how well it goes.

Not going to have the fumes etc in the shed that I would have otherwise have gotten with a petrol unit, and with Clayton Mowers running a Husky special at the time, as well as some extra horse trading, I got it with change from $440, including bar oil. Also means I will be able to use it in situations where OHS regs would otherwise prevent its use (demos, woodshows etc).

For the equivalent power & bar size in petrol would have cost $850

My preference would have been for a 24″ chainsaw, but then in a cheap brand it is over a grand, and close to $2k for a decent saw. So in context, doesn’t seem at all bad for such a reputable brand.

Now to commission it- certainly will be easy to start!

Tiny detail sander

After very recently trying to deal with sanding into very small spaces, including trying the various Dremel accessories etc.  I just happened to be surfing around the web for something completely different, and happened across the idea of using an electric toothbrush for very fine detail sanding.

So a quick google search later, and seems to be quite a popular activity!  Because it oscillates, it could prove to be quite an effective sanding pattern without cutting circles everywhere.

Not sure if there is enough raw power in a toothbrush to do any significant material removal, but as a concept it is a rather clever repurposing!

By cutting off the bristles, and gluing on a small velcro pad, small disks of sandpaper can be easily attached and swapped as required.

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