$1000 off Torque Workcentre

Had a chat with Professional Woodworkers Supplies yesterday, as I noticed in their latest mailout that they still have their Torque Workcentre for sale.

Bottom line is, if you tell them you are a Stu’s Shed reader, and you want to buy the demonstration unit they will sell it for $1000 off normal retail. (Actually $1010, to make it an even $4000, but a round number of $1k sounded better 😉 )


Just to be clear, this is a unit that in practical terms has never been used, except to drill holes in the MDF top to fit Walko clamps (as I use on my workcentre).

Normally, the TWC doesn’t come with the MDF top, so this is another $30 or so saving (plus the time it normally takes to drill all those holes!!)

Some specs on the unit: 2m long, and has a customised leg position so it can fit inside a 6’x4′ trailer.  (You can still have the legs at the original position).  It has the 900mm arm (which is the most versatile and convenient of the 3 typical sizes).  It includes the copy attachment, saw attachment and drill attachment.   The router is not included.  Think the mount for this unit fits Hitachi routers, but you can check that with Grahame directly.  Not too difficult to get it to fit other brands of plunge router.

The recommended retail for it is $5010.  For a Stu’s Shed reader, $4000 will take it away (pickup from SE Melbourne, or plus delivery if further afield).

If you want to know more about what the TWC can do, either do a search on here or click on the Shed.TV tab and watch the numerous videos.

I am not getting any kickback from this, nor am I selling my unit (too bloody useful!)  These machines are rather difficult to obtain, let alone with a significant discount.

Contact Grahame directly on 03 9776 1521, and don’t forget to mention you are wanting the Stu’s Shed discount on the purchase!



Amazing Drill Attachments – Can YOUR Drill do This?

Greg, one of the regulars on here came across this advert recently and thought of Stu’s Shed

After spending so much on a drill, wouldn’t you want it to become THE go-to tool in your workshop? In fact, if you get all the accessories I’m sure the marketing boys will have you convinced that your entire workshop revolves around the drill (sorry – couldn’t resist).


I like the direct attack by them on the other manufacturers too – (No clumsy direct drive with drill sideways) 🙂
It is so much better decreasing performance by directing power through a 90 degree gearbox. (Course it is probably a good thing in the case of the saw, but there is nothing like the marketing community to try to always find a point of difference and make it THE feature!)

I tried to get more info on the “Hycarbon” blade, but I guess it is something that didn’t survive into the Google era.  Of course it can just be taken on the face of it – a high-carbon blade (making it hard, and (potentially) sharp).

It came with a massive 5 day money back guarantee.  Nothing like the modern 2 year replacement warranties from Chinese manufactured modern saws. (Oh wait, that company went bust).

And I LOVE the “Cuts 1 1/8″, 2×4 BY TURNING OVER” Yes – you too can cut a 2×4 with just 2 passes with this little beauty!

Tried to get more info about Arrow Metal Products, but after looking at a number of sites, all I found was a computer virus, and a long court document about a 1950’s attempt by a few unscrupulous individuals cornering the egg market a few days before Christmas by futures trading to get 100% market share. (It is sometimes amazing what Google will provide!) As far as the virus goes – well I guess that is the beauty of being on a Mac.

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