Tablesaw and Fence Calibration

During the setting up of the Miter Express, I was giving some thought to the whole issue of sawblades and their different kerfs (thicknesses), the location of the arbor stop and the fence.

This may be an idiosyncrasy of left-tilt tablesaws, but with the arbor stop on the opposite side to the fence, it means the fence scale has to be recalibrated each time you change to a blade with not only a different kerf but also a different thickness body. If this holds true for right-tilt saws as well, I wonder if there is a market for a shim set you use with every blade to end up with a standard blade to fence distance.

In the meantime, I just hope the new Wixey Digital Fence gauge has an easy zeroing button like the others in the range. More research required!

Some Upgrades for the Table Saw

Normally I wouldn’t make mention until I was actually ready to talk about the items, but these are a bit too cool to wait!

The Wixey Saw Fence Digital Readout is going to be very cool – providing incredible accuracy in reading the fence position. The other is what happens when a crosscut sled ends up on steriods – Incra style!

I’ve got some figuring out to do, but it’s going to be fun!

Both are available from Professional Woodworkers Supplies. (While you are there, check out their new-look website.  It’s being going through a bit of a revamp, and is looking good).

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