Turning Point

Can never complain when what would be a typical weekday evening involves getting a good look at a quality range of woodworking tools.

I recently mentioned Carbatec’s Robert Sorby tour around each of their stores across Australia.


So I booked into the evening session, and got a good look at the Turnmaster


turnmastertoolsgroupAnd the Pro Edge Plus


Along with texturing tools, the Excelsior chisels, and got the chatter tool demonstrated, as I was curious to see that in action.

I’m enjoying these presentation evenings at Carbatec – been to a couple recently (this one, and the Powermatic launch), hope for more to come.  While some people get along to the weekend days, I like the exclusive atmosphere of an evening weekday presentation, and really focus in on a particular product.

The Sorby range is well known as a quality range, but it is always better getting to see them in operation first hand.

Roving Reporter’s Roving Report on a Triton Demonstration

Yup – you read correctly – there was an agricultural show on last weekend, and there was actually a Triton demonstration running over the weekend, presented by….. the roving reporter.  His report follows:

The roving reporter spent 4 days last week at Farm World, Lardner Park Warragul, working on the stand of Bairnsdale Electrics demonstrating TRITON.

4 very busy days answering the same questions, Is Triton back, who owns them, and of course the war stories.
Don’t get me wrong I had a great time and you know in the 4 days I spoke to only a couple of blokes that did not have any Triton.

The food,……Hot roast beef and gravy roll, the beef was cooked on a spit over a wood fire yummmmm,
Then the best hamburger I ever had, hand made pattie,beetroot,and salad on a very fresh roll,thanks LIONS.

Interesting displays , Lucas Mill, out back camping hire, $250k Range Rover, Parslow’s Furniture restorer
and friction polish( still have to try this one) Warragul wood workers stand, the standard here was very high.

All in all a very pleasant change of scenery and you know what, even blokes who had lost all in the fires have restocked with Triton.

Triton’s Peak

While sifting through old photos for the new website, I found these, taken at one of the Bunnings Triton Demo evenings back in 2002/2003

How popular Triton demonstrations used to be

8 rows and more deep, standing room only if you were late

Those were the days.

Triton Evening Demo tonight

Heading off shortly to set up for this evening – being held at Pakenham Mitre 10 (rather than the Bunnings I thought it was earlier – seeing as there isn’t one!)

Covering some of the usual suspects, and the newer benchtop tools.

There are some more not far off either, so will start to cover those on here as they become available.

I have some cool new router bits to look at over the next few months, and some more of the 3D router carver templates as well, so that will be a topic that gets a readdress – for those long time readers of the site, it might be interesting seeing the old and new videos alongside each other to see not only how the production has (hopefully) improved, but also the ever-changing background!

I’ve also just received a new drawing board from http://www.3dboards.com.au (which is also available in the US/Canada), and I’ve really been enjoying getting back to using a real pen, pencil and ruler for creating new projects, rather than the digital approach.  It is true 3-point perspective as well, but more on that in the near future.  Good Aussie products!

Triton Demonstration Evening Thursday 21 August 08

Fountain Gate Bunnings is having a demonstration night for all things Triton this Thursday, starting at 6:30 through to 8:30.

The workcentre and router table will be there, but the focus will be on a lot of the new equipment in the Triton range – the thicknessers, bandsaws, sanders, sharpener, and some of the newish handtools.

There will be refreshments, and a WC2000 is being given away as a door prize.

(Yes, I will be one of the demonstrators).

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