Just 1 Week to Hall Table Course (Postponed)

(Amendment – the course has had to be delayed, and at this stage is now the last weekend in August – see the new post about the change)

I’m excited!  Just one week to go till the start of a 6xSunday course in the stunning Festool Workshop of Ideal Tools in Williamstown.

I did get to cut my first domino (just the one) at the Advanced Domino course recently (I had to get to cut at least one!), and this course will give me 6 sessions to really get to play with a significant portion of the Festool range.  I may even be tempted to handcut the dovetails for the drawer, so knocking off a few significant birds with the same stone.

An Example of a Hall Table from the Course

An Example of a Hall Table from the Course

If you are interesting on joining in on the same course, there are only a few days left to register.

One on One

I’ve been wondering if there would be any interest in a one (or two) on one woodworking course, particularly for new(er) woodworkers?

The courses I run at Holmesglen will still be continuing, but don’t always get to run as frequently as people might like, and with a (small) group, it isn’t as targetted as one on one can be (obviously).

It could be as short as an hour, through to a full day, all in my workshop. So I thought I’d throw the idea out there and see if there was any interest.

There is certainly plenty of tools to get to play with, become familiar with etc!

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