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One of our fellow woodworking bloggers in the USA has been receiving an absolute wave of hatemail comments recently, to the extent that he shut down his blog (and was considering walking away from woodworking altogether).

Through a combined effort of the woodworking community, he has been convinced to not give it all away, and to keep his blog going (hopefully he will repost his earlier content at some stage)


Some of the comments he was getting were quite amazing – have no doubt that if I had been on the receiving end of the stuff being chucked his way, I would have shut this site down and walked away too.

Anyway, this is just to bring his site to your attention, and is my way of showing that there are significantly more appreciative people out there than the few wankers who were happy to tear him down.

I have received very little negative criticism here, and only a little constructive criticism which hopefully I have assimilated to improve this site for you, so I have been very fortunate. Perhaps as I was starting, most of my visitors were Australian, and who knows, perhaps there is a cultural difference I am not aware of.  Visitors now are 40% Australian, 40% from the USA, and the other 20% is across the world.  All I can say is I do appreciate you all – and when you have taken the time to comment/email etc that has and is always welcome.

Comments are great – it is through these as much as anything that the direction of this site is slowly tailored to best suit what you, my gentle readers (to quote Stephen King again) want from me.

Site Comments

There is something new available for those who make comments on this blog, or if you’ve considered it but wondered about getting an answer.

When you post a comment, there is now a checkbox near the submit button that if you choose to check it, means you will be notified by email if anyone else posts a reply (such as me answering one of your questions!) to that comment.  It doesn’t mean you will suddenly be emailed every time there is a comment anywhere on this site, only for the specific post you’ve commented on. (Given the average post has at most 2-3 replies, this doesn’t mean your inbox will suddenly get inundated!

You don’t have to use it, but it is a tool that is available to you if desired.

Some minor site modifications

After being prompted by one of the very helpful (and (hyper) active) members of the WordPress forums (the software behind this blog), I have made some amendments to how the site can be seen to (hopefully) significantly speed up the loading time, and therefore decrease any potential frustration from how slow this blog becomes when I talk too much (and take too many photos!)

So what I have done (and will be assessing to ensure that the visitor experience is not compromised), is decrease the number of posts /articles that appear on each page from 25 to 15, and at the same time, have shortened the articles as you see them by including at the end of long posts a “Click here to read the full article” link.

However, I’ve decided not to do this for the latest post, verbose or not, so if you are a regular reader, you will still get to see the most recent article in its entirety on the front page, and only older articles will you need to follow the link to read the full length.

Please feel free (and please do!) post any comments here about this change, whether you find it good or bad, whether it improves your experience of the site or not. After all, I only make these changes to try to improve your experience of this site!

BTW – Thanks to Timethief for the suggestions!

Triton in Australia

There has been much discussion recently here “downunder” wondering about Triton, the brand, and what was once the flagship – the Workcentre 2000. Traditionally, the centre of the Triton universe was a tablesaw (the Workcentre 2000 (WC2000) and the Router Table, and accessories to match (finger jointer, biscuit jointer, height winder and so on).

A bit of a revolution started when Triton then introduced power tools, not made in Australia (but designed there, or at least with the design modified by Australian Engineers). They were (and are) some of the best power tools out there for their designed role. The router in particular (and it’s more recent little brother) is arguably the best table-mounted router in the world.

Moving forward again to the present, and there is now a fleet of Triton power tools, and although the emphasis on innovative design seems to have tapered off, a collection of these orange tools makes any suburban shed a woodworking haven (or heaven!). We are still waiting on the promised lathe btw (and the collection desperately needs a planer/jointer).

There are some new tools on the horizon as well – (there’s an earlier thread here somewhere on the subject), and Triton sound like they are starting to do very well in the USA.

However, here in Australia, the core of the system (and their related products) seem to be fading in preference to the power tools (and getting to actually see them is difficult at best, which makes choosing a Triton x over its competitor tricky), and in a recent forum discussion I made the following comments, that I thought I’d relay here. It centres around the WC2000 and a possible need of a successor (a proposed new version with an extruded aluminium top currently looks unlikely). So at the risk of stepping on lots of toes, this is what I had to say (with some minor amendments):

Click here to read full article

Dare I Admit?

That I started doing a bit of cleaning around the shed today?  Found a whole heap of amazing stuff that I completely forgot that I had!

On another matter, I’m working through (in my head) an idea for the site – another page like Stu’s Shed TV which will be SSC-TV (although I haven’t come up with a good name as yet)  Basically – Stu’s Shed Commercial-TV, where businesses can organise with me to provide their demonstration videos on my site.

I want to keep a close rein on the quality and quantity of what’s provided (I’ve seen some pretty bad ‘demo’ videos out there), and I’m not thinking of limiting it to movies – for example a Triton page would be good if it included PDFs of old manuals, stuff they no longer provide through their website. I’m taking with Triton at the moment about their commercial DVD (the one they sell in Bunnings), as to whether they want that on the site, downloadable for free.  As much as they do make a little money from DVD sales, this wouldn’t stop that completely, and they make a lot more money if they sell a workbench or saw etc, which I think would be enhanced by as many people as possible getting to see the equipment used.

So if anyone has any particular opinions about the concept I would be interested in hearing them (email or comment on this post)- I’m not convinced yet whether I should do this, or whether it would detract from Stu’s Shed TV, and that must remain my primary video content provided.

So what would you like to see?

I have a number of ideas for upcoming videos, but they are just my ideas of what might be interesting.

If you have anything that you particularly want to see, or have clarified, just drop in a comment (or email), and we’ll see what we can do.  Doesn’t matter how seemingly basic you think it is – I’m sure if one person is interested enough to say, that there will be others who have the same question / problem!

For example, I have a few (ok, 3) of the old-style Triton Superjaws.  I have found over time that a spring in the mechanism occasionally comes loose which can cause the jaws to jamb.  I have heard that some people have stopped using the jaws as they are now ‘broken’, yet the fix is relatively straightforward, when you see it.

So anyway, ask, and you may receive!

BTW – there is another video coming shortly – I have shot the raw footage, and just need to edit it for release….been another one of those really busy weeks!  I have some time off this coming week, so hopefully that means I might have a chance to shoot (I’m hoping) the raw footage for another 2 or 3 videos.

Modified the comments options

Had some useful feedback that it was very difficult to leave feedback (had to have a account).  Cutting a long story short, it motivated me to do a bit of searching and I found that I could deactivate that requirement.

You still need to enter a name and email address (trying to keep spamming down), but hopefully it will make commenting a bit easier.  I will keep reviewing the situation, and slowly we will fine-tune this to a lean mean blogging machine (yeah, ok, lame).

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