Coffee Table Sketch

Not to scale, but a quick sketch I did of the coffee table in Adobe Illustrator.
Yet another one of these projects where I have built it completely out of my head, then created the plans to match!

Adobe Illustrator CS5ScreenSnapz003

What that radial design became

Stu's Coffee TableHere is the finished product from the weekend’s shed excursion.  It is made from reclaimed timbers (Tassie Oak), and an edge of Solomon Islands Queen Ebony.

It is a quick jump from the pic the other day to the finished project – it was made as an article for the next edition of “The Shed” magazine, so you’ll have to pick up a copy of that (when it comes out) for the full 2200 odd-word article (and associated images!)

It made plenty of use of the SawStop, the Kapex, and the Domino.  On that last point, over 100 separate mortises went into this project.  Thank goodness for the Festool Domino!

Retro – Wood Style

Not long after watching the 1984 George Lewin and his videocassette player, I saw this retro Nintendo controller on Marc Spagnuolo’s Twitter.

A coffee table that has been made to also work as a real controller for a Nintendo game machine!

Beautifully done, and yours for a meer $3500.

More details if you follow that link, or this one to Tech-Stew


When not in use as a game controller, it still works well as a coffee table, with a glass top. Love the retro legs on it- very suitable for the vintage!


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