Berwick Woodworkers

Took an opportunity to visit Berwick Woodworkers at the old Cheese Factory, and admire their permanent clubrooms and workshops (including the new 2x shipping containers – one full of toys ready for Xmas distribution, and the other full of timber ready to be turned in the the aforementioned toys!

I dragged along a Router Master to give them a bit of a look at what these machines are capable of – particularly suited to toy makers (and the Torque Workcentre even more so).

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Back to the club workshop, and they have an excellent range of tools, and even better, dedicated working areas.  There was the finishing shop, a lathe workshop (with a few other tools still in there as well), a cutting room (with bandsaws and tablesaw), a painting room (complete with Hills Hoist clothesline for hanging components to dry), and as mentioned a wood store and toy store.

Behind one nondescript door was a massive 3 phase dust extractor, with finger bags and this was coupled up to the three lathes (it is in the process of being relocated).  I was wondering if you needed to actually do any turning with such an extractor – it will almost suck the wood off the lathe without human intervention!

The last couple of photos is a table made from a stunning piece of black-hearted sassafras.

Waverley Woodworkers

It has been quite a long time since I was in a woodworking club situation, so I enthusiastically accepted an invitation to speak at a monthly meeting of Waverley Woodworkers.

I was in the Triton Woodworkers Club for a number of years (lost count how many – 6 or 7 or so), a couple as club president, and I was aware of Waverley Woodworkers, but never actually went to check it out, until now!

They have an actual premises, and although small by their standards (and they are considering the possibility of upsizing), it is a nicely fitted workshop, and importantly, it looks well used.

Rather than just have a chat with the club about Stu’s Shed, I coupled the trailer to the car, and bundled the Torque Workcentre in the back, and filled the car with power tools.

Seemed like everyone enjoyed having a chance to see the products.  I didn’t take many photos – too busy talking!

So thanks for the welcome, hope you enjoyed the presentation, and thanks for the Muscat!

A Story!

In traditional Frederick Forsythyesque style, a combination of fact, rumour, innuendo, speculation and fiction results in the following:

A Story.

Once upon a time, in the Night Garden….. (you can tell I watch too much 2 year-old TV!)

After many years, (6 for me), and meetings (approximately 60), the Triton Woodworkers Club, Holmesglen is no more.  From it’s height where membership was around 70 (and coincidentally I was President for a couple of those years), to the point where but a 1/10th were left, the club had no option but to dissolve.  Today was the last meeting (although given current Bond fever, “Never Say Never”) and while we are quoting movies and books, a quote from the book of a movie from 1984 “The world ended not with a bang, but a whimper”, and the club closed its doors.

It is a reflection on a number of things, although not the current financial crisis (that comes into play a little later), but the main being an apparent steady downturn in Triton sales, combined with the ongoing increase in ever-increasingly affordable big boys toys such as tablesaws.  Of course, referencing straight back to the current financial situation, with the plunge of the Aussie dollar, I wonder how cheap these large tablesaws will be shortly – perhaps the WC2000 is not such a bad option again after all.

And another quote, this time from the Wachowski brothers (or is that now the Wachowski brother and sister?) “Everything that has a beginning has an end”

With interesting things happening in China, the dollar, downturns in the (tool) marketplace, deals with the jolly green giant, and rumours of the sale of Triton to a European company looking at the Oz market, the next 6 to 12 months could be an interesting time.

Has Triton been sold?

Are the Germans coming?

Will an Australian Company beat them to the punch?

Will that result in the reemergence of the replacement for the WC2000, or will something new be coming?

Will we ever get to see a cast iron top workcentre with drop-in induction motor?

Will it have a SawStop mechanism and finally be able to tilt?

Will the old SuperJaws make a reappearance with the new one taking on a decidedly red (at least figuratively) colour scheme?

Will George himself make an appearance once again?

Will there be a three way deathmatch at the next Melbourne Woodworking Show, with the Chinese SuperJaws battling a new (old) Australian SuperJaws, with the Jaw-Horse doing a superplex off the top rope into the fray?

What the hell has Stu been smoking out in his shed?

Needless to say, that if the last 12 months were quite a storm of events, the next 12 will be a positive malestrom.

A nostalgic look at the Triton Club’s final page

Here lies:

Triton Woodworkers Homepage

Triton Woodworkers Homepage


At one stage, this site I created and ran was the largest Triton-based website in the world.  A huge amount of work and energy went into creating and running it (although it pales in comparison to the amount of time involved in Stu’s Shed!)  I created it firstly as a single page on the Woodwork Forums server on 9 September 2002, before creating this site, built from the ground up and launched 30 May 2003.  Since then, it received almost 50,000 visitors until shut down 29 October 2008.  I was the inaugural (and only) webmaster of the club over that period, and president of the club over the period July 2004 to July 2006.

They now only exist as local sites on one of my harddrives, granted the gift of oblivion.

Original Club Website

Original Club Website

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