End of an Era

Looks like the last orange tool has been made at the Mecca of Triton users – the Cheltenham Triton Factory.

Looking through GraysOnline this morning, and came across an advert for Triton tooling, which included the line “Unreserved Triton Manufacturing Site Closure Auction”

Not sure what else to say really. I always wondered if I’d be able to return to what I did my degree in (Mechanical Engineering – Manufacturing / Welding / Metallurgy) and end up working there which would have been an awesome combination of my woodworking ‘hobby’ (obsession according to my wife), and my choice of career paths.

(Guess the cat is out of the bag now – yes, I have a secret love affair with steel – especially when it is molten, whether that be in a foundry, being cast, at the end of a welding rod etc)

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