SW09 – More on Dust

I was just flicking through some of the other articles written for safety week, and I came across a little gem on John Brien’s site.

The concept is incredibly simple. Your dust extractor is useful for more than just pulling generated shavings and dust from the machine in use. Even if you are not actively generating dust with a machine, it is still beneficial to have the dust extractor running.

My air filter processes 650 cfm, which works well.  If I also leave the dust extractor running, with a capacity of 1200 cfm, I have effectively tripled my shop’s air filtration.  Especially in my case, as my actual dust extractor is in a secondary shed, so the air removed does not immediately end up in circulation in the main shed (and in any case, it passes through a 1 micron filter).

As the 1200 cfm of air is removed from the shop, clean outside air enters. Hopefully it isn’t too cold outside!!

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