I received the invoice today to pay to start the building permit process.  Probably the fastest bill I have ever paid.  The digital ink wasn’t even dry before the bill had been paid, and the receipt (as proof) sent back.

So time to break down the timeline and see what it may mean.

1 October – 13 October: Obtain building permit

14 October: Place order for concrete

14 October: Order placed for shed

14 October – 10 November: Shed manufacture (I am really hoping we can hit this window – this is the highest risk to the program)

19 October  – 20 October: Clear out current 3×3 shed and deconstruct

21 October: Order skip

28 October – 29 October: Block clearance including skip for waste removal

30 October – 31 October: Casting slab

11 November: Shed arrival

11 November – 24 November: Lead time for shed assembly.  Once construction starts, and the slab is in, I don’t see why the assembly can’t be booked in, so it happens only a few days after arrival, rather than a few weeks.  That would bring shed assembly forward to around 13 November through to 20 November.

25 November – 1 December: Shed assembly

It would be tempting to have the electrician in straight after and get the power sorted out as well, but going to take a more sensible approach and use the shed as is, with the Promac generator providing primary power (especially 15A), and some 10A being run from the house.  That will give the time over the Xmas break to get a reasonable idea about tool layout, and the corresponding power requirements.

I have the lights sitting in the garage, so they will be up very early on (light is one of those mandatory things!)  They currently have 10A plugs on each, so temporarily wiring them up will be easy.

I have to remember to run some piping under the slab for the dust extraction, and mid-floor power.

It feels like it is still going to be a long time – another 2 months!  But when I break it down like this, there is something happening almost every week so it will really feel like it is moving quickly.  It won’t take much to knock this program right however, and if it moves to the right much, it will clash with Christmas and that would be disastrous (as that would cause another month delay, and at a time when I would be on leave and actually able to make use of it.

Going to need new carpet after all this – have worn an absolute track over the last 6 months!

Report and Consent

It has taken me AGES to piece together enough time to finish the first portion of the permit for the new shed.

Not only drawing up the various plans, but also gathering together the other documents for a complete submission.  Even so, I am not sure if they won’t ask for more!

The first stage of the permit process in my case, is to apply for a Report and Consent, as the shed is going to be closer than 1m to a side boundary.  So tomorrow morning, I will rock up to the City Council, and hope when they see the application there isn’t some glaring omission.

If all goes to plan, that will take up to 3 weeks (15 working days) to be processed.  From there, the process starts again in applying for a building permit.  At least a lot of what is required for the building permit is also in the Report and Consent, so attaching that will take care of the bulk of the requirements.

I’ve been to the council a couple of times already to talk through the process, show preliminary plans etc, gotten the application forms.  I’ve downloaded the plan of subdivision, and gotten some good property boundary plans from the LANDATA database, from which I have drawn up both the plans for the property, but also surrounding properties.  I’ve had to make measurements and draw on these the various buildings.

So the plans that are being submitted look like this:


drawing3There is also a 2 page letter, summarising the plan and covering off the points where I am taking into account the Minister for Planning’s guidelines, the Council General Siting Requirements, and the area’s Character Statement.

If I haven’t dotted all the T’s and crossed all the I’s, I am not sure what else I need to do!

Wish me luck 😉

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