Temple Construction

Some photos taken by a friend of one of our regular readers (thanks IS!): these photos are of a temple rebuild in Zhongdian (Shangrila), Yunnan Province (China).

What can be achieved with the simplest, mainly traditional tools and techniques.  No electrons murdered at all which is quite disturbing!

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Chinese Manufacture

It is hard to keep straight in my own mind opinions of overseas manufacture, especially from new centres of world manufacturing such as India and China.

On one hand, so many products sold are in the cheapest shops (and not so cheap but should be) come from China, and this significantly tarnishes the country’s manufacturing.  On the other hand, a country’s manufacturing that can produce products such as the iPhone has the proven ability to hit the highest marks.

So why do they tarnish their reputation to produce goods at the highest level, with so much produced at the lowest?

So yes, I do have a bias, and when I read this article by John of Bridge City Tools I was inclined to believe it, but don’t let my opinion bias whether you feel the story is also credible.  If the article is true, and unbiased, then it again reflects sadly on the quality of products produced by some Chinese industries.

And just because it is mildly interesting, there is hardly a day that goes by that I am not contacted by a Chinese manufacturing company offering to produce for me all manner of products – wire, nails, bearings, castings, plastic extrusions etc etc.  Again, perhaps this also negatively influences my opinion of their manufacturing industry.  I hate spammers, so a manufacturing industry that uses spamming as a legitimate marketing tool is only going to receive my contempt.

Guess Stu’s Shed is about to be banned in a certain country.  Think I can afford to drop 1.3 billion of the world’s population from being shed readers – and the 3 from there that actually read this site.

A roaming we will go

I’m currently sitting in a cafe in Melbourne, with a German Beer beside me, and eating a Greek Fetta Pizza.  There is a parcel coming on a boat from China, I am writing an entry on my blog which is hosted in the USA, reading the latest news from the BBC in the UK, watching the cricket currently being played in Brisbane, reading emails from Sydney and comments from Russia, talking to my wife on the phone who’s shopping in Southland, and sending an instant text message to my brother in Malaysia for his birthday.

When did the world become so weird?

Selamat hari jadi (Happy Birthday) Bro btw.

(I hope that is Malay for H/B!)

A Story!

In traditional Frederick Forsythyesque style, a combination of fact, rumour, innuendo, speculation and fiction results in the following:

A Story.

Once upon a time, in the Night Garden….. (you can tell I watch too much 2 year-old TV!)

After many years, (6 for me), and meetings (approximately 60), the Triton Woodworkers Club, Holmesglen is no more.  From it’s height where membership was around 70 (and coincidentally I was President for a couple of those years), to the point where but a 1/10th were left, the club had no option but to dissolve.  Today was the last meeting (although given current Bond fever, “Never Say Never”) and while we are quoting movies and books, a quote from the book of a movie from 1984 “The world ended not with a bang, but a whimper”, and the club closed its doors.

It is a reflection on a number of things, although not the current financial crisis (that comes into play a little later), but the main being an apparent steady downturn in Triton sales, combined with the ongoing increase in ever-increasingly affordable big boys toys such as tablesaws.  Of course, referencing straight back to the current financial situation, with the plunge of the Aussie dollar, I wonder how cheap these large tablesaws will be shortly – perhaps the WC2000 is not such a bad option again after all.

And another quote, this time from the Wachowski brothers (or is that now the Wachowski brother and sister?) “Everything that has a beginning has an end”

With interesting things happening in China, the dollar, downturns in the (tool) marketplace, deals with the jolly green giant, and rumours of the sale of Triton to a European company looking at the Oz market, the next 6 to 12 months could be an interesting time.

Has Triton been sold?

Are the Germans coming?

Will an Australian Company beat them to the punch?

Will that result in the reemergence of the replacement for the WC2000, or will something new be coming?

Will we ever get to see a cast iron top workcentre with drop-in induction motor?

Will it have a SawStop mechanism and finally be able to tilt?

Will the old SuperJaws make a reappearance with the new one taking on a decidedly red (at least figuratively) colour scheme?

Will George himself make an appearance once again?

Will there be a three way deathmatch at the next Melbourne Woodworking Show, with the Chinese SuperJaws battling a new (old) Australian SuperJaws, with the Jaw-Horse doing a superplex off the top rope into the fray?

What the hell has Stu been smoking out in his shed?

Needless to say, that if the last 12 months were quite a storm of events, the next 12 will be a positive malestrom.

GMC appears to be for sale….

Article here

Potential buyers could include Bosch, Black & Decker, Ryobi, or China.

To quote Terry Pratchet “May you live in interesting times”

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