MagSwitch 2016

Just finished reading through the 2016 catalogue for MagSwitch, and thought others here might be interested in having a read.

Some very cool things being done in the metal fabrication industry (in addition to where MagSwitch started, around woodworking).

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“Get in behind ya mongrel”

Perhaps too obscure a reference unless you used to read Footrot Flats

So what Dog is trying to say is: there is a new cattledog available, and the end of the all inclusive catalogue from Carbatec.  Instead of one annual publication, there will now be a number of issues each year, with different products featured in each, along with an amalgamation with their Focus magazine.

You can download a PDF of it here, but be aware that it is an 11MB download.

It is a significant shift Carbatec are taking – where once their printed catalogue was a record of all their products and prices (at time of printing), but by the end of the year they were potentially quite out of date.  On the other hand, the new catalogues will be more accurate with respect to price, and feature the latest additions to the range, they will no longer be an all inclusive reference, and only their website will be a reasonable representation of the range available.  At least the prices will be more accurate!  So much has happened in the last year, including the significant strengthening of the Australian dollar, that the prices in last year’s catalogue are significantly out (and are listed a lot higher) than what they now are in store.  A more regular offering will better keep up with this rather volatile market and unstable world economy.

It will be interesting to see how this new catalogue is received, in place of what has been their very popular annual version.  For those on their mailing list, these will be in mailboxes in the near future.

Highlighter Pens and PostIt Notes at the Ready

It is that time of year again!  Yes, the Carbatec Catalogue for 2010 is now out, and either coming to a letterbox near you (if you are on their mailing list), or available for free in-store otherwise.

You can either request a catalogue from their website by clicking here (overseas will cost $15, free in Oz)

Or you can simply peruse their online version directly on your computer via a very cool interface here.

There are, like always, a whole stack of new products in the Carbatec stores/catalogue, inc Kreg router tables, Triton, Incra, CNC Shark, Lidwig (so many very familiar names to regular Stu’s Shed visitors).  There are pages of Triton – so weird seeing it in a Carbatec catalogue!

So much to look at, so little ink left in my highlighter!

Triton Catalogue 08-09

FWIW, the new Triton Cattledog is now hot off the presses.

Triton Catalogue

Triton Catalogue

Trends in Catalogues

Was reading through the latest Bunnings catalogue, dropped in the letterbox today.

Noted with interest a dramatic change in content: once there was pages of GMC tools, now there was only one, and that was the tool bag.  I don’t have a particular opinion about what is actually advertised, but it is strange seeing a brand that was once so strongly supported, (and I daresay made up a massive percentage of the total tool sales over the last few years) suddenly vanish.

All that is left is a tool bag that has in the vicinity of 100% markup.

No Triton either (not that that’s unusual), but it has been that was for a long time, and for a long time sales haven’t been that high.  Does the fault lie with the manufacturer, that their product is no longer desirable? (The ongoing interest in the product on Ebay seems to contradict this hypothesis).  Does it lie with the customer, or the market, with other tools moving into the traditional areas occupied by these brands?  Perhaps, but even then, walking into these hardware outlets, and there isn’t any particular competitors product obviously available, not at the same quality.  Does it lie with the retailer, not continuing to actively support the brands?  I don’t know the answer, but it raises interesting questions.

Carbatec Catalogue

Bugger.  Is my wallet going to suffer!

The new catalog (hardcopy) is now dangerously in my hands (so I can stop wearing a trail between the house and the letterbox). So many new products, so little shed space…..  There’s over 100 new pages from what I can see, including 40 or so just on CMT router bits, saw blades and planer blades.  Already I see a Screw Slot bit that looks quite interesting – this is going to take ages to get through.  I might need 2 highlighters!

It looks to be printed on a much thinner paper than in the past, so it doesn’t actually look bigger than previously, but I imagine that is primarily to save on postage, seeing as these get mailed out all over the place at no cost.

Damn – just passing the Festool pages…… (note to Carbatec – the catalogue needs to be more waterproof…..!)

Now just to mark up the copy, and ‘accidentally’ leave it lying around the house……

BTW – you can download a full PDF (45MB) of the catalog by clicking on this image.   

Carbatec Catalogue Arrives Early

I’ve just been told that the Carbatec catalogue has come in early, so I’m off to set up camp beside my letterbox, marker pen (for circling all those tools I can’t live without) in hand, and a spare in the pocket!

For those not on the mailing list, they are always available in-store.

Carbatec Cattle Dog is close

A pre-release version of the 2008 Carbatec catalogue was spotted today by a friend of mine, and from all reports it is only a couple more weeks before the actual version will be ready to be posted out to those on the mailing list.

They can also be picked up in-store, but perhaps this would be a good time to get on the mailing list if you are not already…. People would pay good money for a magazine this jamb-packed, and yet the Carbatec catalogue is free. About 100 pages (or 30%) LARGER than the previous version…


Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Carbatec I go….. la la la la….la la la la…..hi ho, hi ho hi ho hi ho


Update: The online version is now available here!


New Triton Tools

I don’t have any prices, expected delivery dates or images, but this is a (reasonably) comprehensive list of new Triton tools that are on their way:

There’s a number of sharpening jigs about to arrive for the sharpener, including a dressing tool, gouge jig, knife jig (and I’m not sure what else – about 5 in total, made by Sheppach, badged Triton.)

2400W SCMS, w left & right tilt
1200W Belt Sander
500W Dual Orbital Sander (orbital and random orbital)
850W Dowelling Machine
Uni Clamp
1500W Powered Router Table
Inifinite Depth Rebate Planer
235mm 2300W Circular Saw (as recently mentioned).

Photos and details as they come to hand.

Some Triton Info

Had a meeting with Triton and the Victorian Triton Demonstrators tonight and lots of really interesting info came out of it. Unfortunately I can’t talk about much of it yet – but will bring what I can when I can.

So, what I think is safe to say: Saw the new (2008) Triton catalogue. Over 50 pages or so, lots of interesting stuff in there, including about 7 or 8 new Triton tools (pause for the censor beep).

Got to have a first hands-on look at the new Triton 2300W Saw. Designed by the Triton engineers a couple of years or so ago, it is about to hit the market shortly. The Triton Demonstrators will be getting it pretty early, so I’ll be able to bring you a good close look then. What I did see is a magnesium chassis, laser guide (240V transformed, not batteries), geared height winder with a much better access to the locking lever, a well functioning dust extraction port that will fit directly to the Triton duct bucket hose. There won’t be any additional cutting height achieved with this saw – the TSA001 already pretty maximised the achievable cutting height with a 9 1/4″ saw.

Other product info centred around the Triton Wet & Dry Sharpener. Where it comes to tightening the nut on the grinding wheel, don’t be squeamish about it (ok, don’t go nuts 🙂 to the point that the nut shears the threads), but tighten it well – the wheel can take it, and the last thing you want is to dress the wheel and have it move on the shaft at all, wrecking all that work. For those who think the Triton is a bit of an aftermarket rip-off of the Scheppach, sorry, but these are actually made by Scheppach for Triton, using the same German standards. For some reason they didn’t look at ensuring the support rail was straight, but that is now history, and they are now making the support arm by welding both uprights, rather than welding one and bending the other. Irrespective, I have one of the original sharpeners, and if you are prepared to spend just a little bit of time setting it up (and I mean a little), you can get some remarkably sharp tools straight off the machine (including the honing wheel of course), and for under $200, that is hard to beat.

Wish I could talk more about the new tools that are coming – will see what I can get permission to talk about!

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