Day on the tools

Nothing like a day on the tools to blow the cobwebs away.

This is what I’ve been working on – a cat run for the new place. Rather than a small run with perhaps a couple of tunnels, it wasn’t that much more to box in the entire side of the house. This makes it easy to get to the rear door to the garage without having to go through gates to the run, and the structure doubles up to carry shade cloth to shield the northern side of the house. I noticed the blinds on that side were always down, and when raised, the carpet was very faded. Shielding those windows will help that, as well as decrease the whole heat loading on the house.

The gate frame came up well, and the ease of assembly (and low cost) of this fence system means I will definitely use it again for fabricating other structures.

The Triton Steel Cutter got a good workout for this, and using the metal fencing wire clips, and a wire twist tool made the job as easy as it could be- the right tools for the job.

May not have been woodworking, but at least something was getting cut, joined, built.





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