The Multimaterial Dragon

From the recent video, here are a couple of images of the dragon, cut from acrylic, aluminium, corian, carbon fibre, brass, copper, MDF, ply and melamine (and the assembled dragon is acrylic and aluminium).

colour dragon02 dragonheadDesign from

Just been to the aluminium merchants, and picked up another $600 worth of aluminium sheet, from 1.5mm to 6mm thickness for some upcoming projects.

Episode 115 Here be Dragons CNC

Design from

New GMC & Triton Tools

A couple of new tools are now being shown on the GMC and Triton websites respectively.

Firstly from the Triton website is an upgraded version of the 184mm Triton Saw.

Now has a cast base similar to the 2300W saw.

Triton 184mm CS

Triton 184mm CS

GMC have a 180mm wide planer with carbon fibre casing and 1500W motor

GMC Wide Planer

GMC Wide Planer

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