The Multimaterial Dragon

From the recent video, here are a couple of images of the dragon, cut from acrylic, aluminium, corian, carbon fibre, brass, copper, MDF, ply and melamine (and the assembled dragon is acrylic and aluminium).

colour dragon02 dragonheadDesign from

Just been to the aluminium merchants, and picked up another $600 worth of aluminium sheet, from 1.5mm to 6mm thickness for some upcoming projects.

Makers Marks

I’m in the process of sourcing some makers marks to be added to my projects.  I haven’t covered the whole gamut as yet – sometimes getting information is incredibly difficult, even from the sales sector when it could result in sales! (Go figure)

However, I have been talking closely with one company who do produce makers marks, and in their case they are (from the images) very nice indeed.

Makers Marks over in the UK produce a very nice, traditional looking engraved brass (or stainless steel) makers mark

makersAnd at the time I was getting a quote, they had a special offer of either free shipping, or a wall plaque that was a large version of your mark. I don’t know about you, but that sounded very cool!  Like the makers plates that used to be affixed to steamship engines etc.

So the design we came up with looks like this: (there are massive number of designs that are possible, including images). Not sure how long it will take to get them – I don’t think it will be in time for the Melbourne Wood Show (but I live in hope!).


(Obviously the black is etched away).  Vidi is very accommodating too, sending draft images back and forth until the customer is happy.  He runs this business as a way to support himself while continuing his main concern – working with autistic boys.  So if you are looking for a way of adding a makers mark to your project, these are certainly one option, and a very traditional looking one as well (and seeing as the whole concept of a makers mark is traditional, I was happy to stick with a simple design (and one I thought would look good as the wall plaque as well!)

On you can choose designs, sizes, numbers etc, then send off for a quote, no minimum order size either fwiw.

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