Yet Another Visit

Was at Masters again today (legitimate trip, buying some bolts and timber for the cot project).

Got blown away by the bolt section. There are all the usual suspects, but what I then found were the specialist drawers! I was in heaven- so many awesome types of bolt, screw, washer etc etc in all sorts of material- steel, brass, zinc coated, nylon etc.

Masters collection

Masters collection

In the photo is just one set of the cabinets of about 4! I have no idea how they intend to keep them stocked, especially now I’ve found them. Hope there isn’t too much theft too- having free access to these drawers is very cool.

I can well imagine some of these units making their way home, but they look like they’d be worth a small fortune. On the other hand, being 2 minutes away, do I really NEED them in my already crowded workshop?

(“Of Course, stupid question!” is actually the correct answer as any shed dweller will tell you!)

The Jig Drawer

Strangely, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my “Jig Drawer” before.

I was using it over the weekend when it occured to me that it may never have actually been referred to here.  I have a Jig Drawer. No, it isn’t where I store my various jigs, but where I store the components that may be useful in jig construction.

The Jig Drawer

The Jig Drawer

It is full of useful and interesting bits and pieces, many as it happens from Professional Woodworkers Supplies.  There are knobs, hold downs, T Track Bolts and T Track nuts, high tensile bolts, grub screws, butterfly nuts, plastic Incra positioning track (metric and imperial), T Track and Mitre Track sliders and stops, and a stack of other assorted bits and pieces.

Whenever I am constructing a new jig, this is the drawer I first turn to, to get the hardware needed, and even the inspiration for the required jig.

It is nice to be able to make a jig properly, with decent knobs etc rather than some block of wood offcut from A, combined with a few nails and old screws from B, and lumps of particle board making up the body of the jig.

So that is my Jig Drawer, and now you know.

Still juggling….

Looks like it will just be MagSwitch (on the Carbatec Stand) and Professional Woodworkers Supplies now, so should be able to lock in some times soon.

Not much else happening above the water – duck’s legs going frantically underneath however with a number of things in process.  Won’t have time for another video until after the show (and once the voice recovers from it!)

Got out to the shed (late) last night – too late to get much done, but did get to sit down, catch a show (rewatching Firefly fwiw), and go through all my containers of screws, nails etc and get them into some sort of semblance of order (at least with the right contents in the right container).  Still want to make some new ones out of wood, but until then, the plastic ones will still have to do.

Oh, and there is some plan to hold a garage sale in early November, so want to go through the sheds to see what tools are no longer required which are taking up valuable space.

Finally, I managed to get back to Carbatec and pick up the velcro disk for the 3 in 1 (converting its disk sander to one with removable paper as well), and some thin, pinned scrollsaw blades for the Triton scrollsaw to see if that improves its functionality.

A quick trial in some MDF that got too close to the blade gave an indication that the new blades do make an improvement, but I still have an overall difficulty in that you cannot manually set the blade tension, and the as-supplied setting is not tight enough.  However, this is aleviated somewhat by getting a much thinner blade, as it doesn’t take as much force to get the required tension.  So the note the blade generated was only a C flat, but at least it could produce a note!

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