Another missed birthday!


Somehow, managed to miss (once again) the birthday.

Now 8 years old, and counting.

2.5 million views (directly, not counting subscriber views) at a rate of over 1000/day (around 385000/yr, plus subs).
over 2200 subscribers (counting RSS)

I can’t even begin to estimate how many video views etc any more – I could if I wanted to spend an hour or so collating the info, but it is a lot!  One video has already amassed over 75000 views.  Not much in the scheme of viral videos, but not bad for a lowly woodworking one.  Over 450000 views of the videos on YouTube alone, and that is only a portion of the total video library. Safe to say, the total views of videos (through iTunes, the blog, Blip.TV (now ended), Howcast (also ended), and YouTube) easily exceeds 1/2 a million (and that is conservative).

Oh well.  Happy 8th birthday blog.

It’s my party and I’ll blog if I want to!


Stu’s Shed is officially 7 years old!

Breakin’ Eggs

(Video free from

Stu’s Shed is now 6 years old!  You’ve heard of human years, dog years, cat years etc (Dog to human years, about 7:1, cat to human about 5.5:1, (and yes I know this is poor science))

A website year is harder to define – few blogs survive 12 months, let along pass 3 years (let alone double that!)  The average blog has the lifespan of a fruitfly (30-44 days) (and some claim the intelligence of one!)

Another quote that I love:

Blogging is not writing, it is graffiti with punctuation

Previously, I have provided stats at the end of each year, but they are becoming more and more irrelevant, being harder and harder to track.  Over the last 6 years there has been a massive rise in social media, with Twitter and Facebook leading the charge.  Counting for this traffic, RSS feeds, direct emails and the old-fashion (but preferred) site hits, and the 1.8 million visits the website shows is closer to 3 million if you account for the other viewing methods.


But whatever, Stu’s Shed is still here, and with the new shed (announcement of commencement very soon (I hope!!!!)), I am feeling really inspired for a whole raft of new content. And returning to more video content to boot!

In the world of blogs (the blogosphere), Stu’s Shed is now one of the elders (remembering too, that it is still a single-author blog, unlike most other long-term players).  Who knows where it leads, but until there is a real push for a more modern alternative, we are here to stay, and even then are very adaptable on the WordPress platform.

So, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Stu’s Shed, happy birthday to you”

Another year

Given that I recently passed 2000 posts, and associated comments at that point, I won’t go into all the statistics surrounding the blog again.

However, one is worth mentioning I think:

Stu’s Shed is now 5 years old

Not sure if I expected it to last this long or not – probably hadn’t given it much thought to be honest.  Had a look around to see what the sort of normal life expectancy of a blog is, and it seems to be in the order of the average life expectancy of a fruit fly, with the intelligence of one to boot.  So if we eliminate them from the equation, the average of those that survive the 8 or so post mark (60-80% lasting a whole month or so) is around 3 years.

So we are doing ok.

Readership has definitely changed, and the site statistics are no longer even close to being accurate, with many choosing to have new posts emailed to them rather than reading them online.  Those numbers don’t get counted in the site statistics (nor those who read the site via RSS feeds, or via Twitter etc), but the name of the game is all about the real audience, not some stat counter.  The counter currently sits just under 1.5 million visits, the real number would be closer to 1.75 million, but end of the day, who’s counting 🙂

I still find it interesting looking back to see what was happening around the shed 2, 3, 5 years ago.  It, and this blog are constantly evolving.  They may be small changes here and there, but they add up quickly!

So onto another year, and lots more to come.


With Stu’s Shed marking its 4th birthday today, I got to wondering just what the average life expectancy for a blog is?  4 years would seem to be a pretty good innings so far.

The data, as you’d expect, is very difficult to source – guess no university PhD student has decided to do a thesis on blogs as yet 😉 They are too busy getting Doctorate degrees in Snowboarding and Lap Dancing.  (Don’t worry, the links are safe to view)  The average successful blog seems to be around 2 years, the overall average seems to be around 30 days (there are a lot of blogs started with enthusiasm, very few survive).

So how Stu’s Shed has survived to date can only be credited to one primary factor – the ongoing support of its readers.  Without you visiting and reading the site day in and day out (and interacting with both the site, and those businesses that are prepared to have their products seen and commented on) this site would not have survived this long.  It all helps as part of one big symbiotic relationship.

Each year I try to provide some statistics for how the site is progressing, but the one thing I am really struggling to determine is an overall word count.  I am pretty confident it well exceeds 1,000,000 words.  The average book runs 80000 words (give or take 20000), so this blog is somewhere the equivalent to 10 – 12 novels!  I’d settle for one 🙂

1700 posts
46 pages
4100 images
118 videos

Numerous tools covered, techniques tried, timbers sampled.

1,150,000 visitors plus 120 subscribers and an unknown number of feed readers.

So onward again to year 5 – hope you continue to share in the journey!

Ah Nu – I mussed it

Fue eh.

Stu’s Shed is now 3!  20 June 2007 – 20 June 2010, and still counting.

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Difference Total
Site Visitors 109,470 309,420 386,072 +76,652 804,962
Av Visitors/Day (Jun) 571 1028 1124 +96
Subscribers@ 0 0 55 +55 55
Posts/Articles 328 447 527 +80 1302
Word Count* 131,200 178,800 210,800 +32,000 520,800
Photos 700 1053 1182 +129 2935
Videos# 30 22 32 +10 84

@ The subscriber service is new for 09/10, and excluding those who subscribed, then unsubscribed there is still a net increase of people who get each new post directly to their email inbox.  These are not reflected in the site visitor count shown on the main page.
* Estimate, each post average 400 words
#not including tool promo videos, or 3rd party videos sourced from YouTube (etc)

I can’t even begin to think about summarising this last year.  One word works: “More”

More wood shows, more overseas trips, more mess, more reviews, more Festool 😉 ,more ads $#$%$#

Ok, as a birthday present for you all, I have just purchased a year’s subscription to the WordPress NO-AD service.  I hate web-based advertising – that mindless, automatic crap that is making an ever-increasing appearance on websites, trying to entice you to accidentally click on something that isn’t the primary content of the website (and yes, I’m including banners, auto-ads etc in that).  I’ve resisted it until now, and it has probably cost me a lot of potential income – so be it.  I’m even prepared to pay to ensure this site has none.  So if you see any that looks like it shouldn’t be there, please tell me!

I will still provide links to suppliers whom I am talking about, so, assuming everything works as it should, I control all aspects of the content of this website, so what is there is what I have chosen.

My thanks to those companies that demonstrate an interest in the website – it means I can keep offering plenty of interesting content to the site’s many readers.  Most importantly, a really big thanks to the readers themselves (all of you!) – if you didn’t continue to visit, there would be no reason for this website to continue to exist, so it is because of your persistence that this site continues to prosper and grow – I would not be inspired to continue it if not for you!!

Things are getting back on track after a couple of months – with the new video camera I already have not one, but three new Stu’s Shed.TV videos sitting in the can ready for me to have a moment to process them and get them out there.  I’m still getting to grips with some of the new technological challenges the camera poses – being high def and flash memory challenges the computer in new ways, but I’ll have a new processing workflow nutted out shortly.

Onward and upward eh!

Starting Celebrations

As the year draws to a close, Christmas approaches rapidly, and for me another landmark to celebrate (commiserate?) This time is my 40th, and because everyone seems to be rather distracted on my actual birthday I bought forward a get-together.

Mel (who made a recent appearance on Stu’s Shed, making sausages at the Alternate Woodshow) has a cake making business, and turned up with a fantastic creation of chocolate mudcake (commissioned by my wife), with the Stu’s Shed logo printed onto (edible) rice-paper, and many tool cutouts as decorations. (If anyone wants to commission a cake from Mel, just let me know and I’ll put you in contact!)

My wife also sourced some perfect candles – shaped as tools of all things! (Think they know me pretty well!) – a saw, pliers, stillson, and hammer.

The Perfect Cake!

Some Help Blowing Out Candles

Contemplating Grand-Theft Cake

Another Year Bites the Dust

And thus Stu’s Shed becomes 2 years old!

To compare to the 1st birthday,

1st Year 2nd Year Difference Total
Site Visitors 109,470 309,420 +199,950 418,890
Average Visitors/Day (Jun) 571 1028 +457
Posts/Articles 328 447 +119 775
Topics 260 891 +631 1151
Word Count 133,000 ???* +???* ???*
Twitters 0 47 +47 47
Photos 700 1053 +353 1753
Videos# 30 22 -8 52

*still to be calculated

#not including tool promo videos

So that now means that over the existence of the site, there has been an average of more than 1 post per day, and a video every 2 weeks.  Since 1 January this year, there has been a post every single day, sometimes more!

This year has seen so much change, both to the website, and to woodworking in general, it is hard to comprehend just how much can change in such a short time.  I did (quietly) predict the demise of GMC by Xmas last year, and it came pretty close to that.  I didn’t think that it would be the end of Triton, but that seems to have come to pass as well.

Most recently, the site has incorporated Twitter for quick news feeds / brief updates, and it has so far proved to be an interesting experiment, and that will be continued.  If you haven’t seen it, check out the posts in the bottom left column, and consider subscribing to StusShed Twitter to be kept in the loop.  For a site that has such regular posts it may seem strange to have an additional news column, but there is often so much information to channel that Twitter offers a way of filtering that info through.

My thanks to those companies that demonstrate an interest in the website – it means I can keep offering plenty of interesting content to the site’s many readers.  Most importantly, a really big thanks to the readers themselves (all of you!) – if you didn’t continue to visit, there would be no reason for this website to continue to exist, so it is because of your persistence that this site continues to prosper and grow – I would not be inspired to continue it if not for you!!

I don’t have stats for how many countries have visited so far, but since maintaining some form of record, visitors have come from over 110 countries.  Amazing.

After an incredible first year, I wasn’t sure what the second year would bring, and it exceeded many of my expectations. The rate the site was growing wrt visitors has slowed down a lot since December, so I am wondering whether that is the site hitting its straps, or just the impact of the financial crisis having an effect on people’s lives.  In saying that though, the busiest day so far was just this last week, with over 2000 visitors in a single day.

So my appreciation once again to all of you who support the website in your respective ways – I have a blast doing it, so am grateful that you continue to provide me the justification to continue!

Update – latest map, which has updated graphics and a much finer distribution really shows the coverage, especially in the US and Europe (and the eastern seaboard of Australia).


Today or Tomorrow

Sorry, no this isn’t one of those profound posts about not doing something today that can be put off until tomorrow.

It is simply – is Stu’s Shed going to have it’s 100,000th visitor today, or tomorrow?

To qualify it a little, I only count actual visitors, not page loads. Nor do I count search engine bots or other false site hits.  As best as I can figure it, these are as legitimate figures as I can get.

In any event, it is a very cool milestone that I was hoping to hit before the site turned 1, which is in 17 days time 🙂

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