Some deals from Tormek

Starting November 1, Tormek Australia are giving away a Gränsfors Hand Axe with each T7 Sharpener sold.  Worth around $140, individually forged, these certainly look the part – I wonder if they will encourage a resurgence in the art of making rustic furniture?!

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They are also giving away a second XB-100 (horizontal base) with each BGM-100 sold.  The BGM-100 represents a shift in the thinking by Tormek, where in the past they only promoted the idea of slow-speed whetstone sharpeners, they are now recognising that there is a place for the high-speed grinders as well for initial tool shaping, and so that you can achieve the optimum shape of your tool before final sharpening on the slow-speed, you’d be best off being able to use the Tormek jigs on your high-speed grinder.  The XB-100 spare base means you will be able to set up both your grinder wheels with the ability to fit the support arm.  If you need to remove a lot of metal to create the initial shape of your tool, you might as well not waste any more of the expensive whetstone wheel than is necessary. Click here for a press release on the BGM-100

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I’m planning reviews of both the T7 and the BGM-100 in the near future, so hopefully will be able to show you just why they are so well regarded, and how the BGM-100 complements the slow-speed sharpener method.

Shopping List

Haven’t gotten too many things specifically on the shopping list for the show (yet).  Dangerous going to the show with an open mind, and an open wallet (but it leads to a lot of fun too!)

One year I had done a large shed clearout to eBay (way before Stu’s Shed), and so had an actual budget, and some specifics I was looking out for.  Think that year was the least enjoyable, not the most.  There was too much pressure to try to get what I was wanting, and to not go particularly over, or under budget.  Too much pressure, not enough fun.

I am going to look seriously at the BGM-100 jig from Tormek that Robbo is demonstrating on the Carroll’s Woodcraft Supplies stand.  I’ve seen it on the web, and it simply provides a way to mount a support arm that would otherwise be used on a slow speed grinder (such as the Tormek) on your high speed grinding wheel.  That means all your Tormek and Scheppach jigs can be used on the high speed as well for initial shape forming, before moving over to the slow speed for edge refinement.  You invest a lot in the slow speed jigs, so this is a way to utilise their advantages on the high speed grinders as well.

I’ve been trying to ignore the approaching wood show – like waiting for the inevitable arrival of Christmas.  It will come, but boy do the last few days drag! (Yeah, I’m still a kid, and thankfully it seems that will never change.  It’s even better now I have one of my own.)

I know there is a way of making your own shellac stick, but my brief efforts last night have not resulted in anything more than a stubby black lump, and crud stuck all over my hands (which smelt of metho for hours after!)  So if I see one or two of those there, I’ll be tempted.  First point of call for that will be UBeaut – don’t think Neil has them, but if anyone does it will be him.  Wonder if Zed will be there (look high up the top of the UBeaut stand – if there is a monkey hanging around, that’s Zed! (And no, he doesn’t have a Chopper) (Wonder if anyone gets that reference?)

There is so much to look at, and only three days!  I might have to go for a very systematic attack plan.  It may seem like three days should be more than enough, but I will be spending most of it with MagSwitch, so tackling the rest of the stands will only be during the breaks.  And if MagSwitch is anywhere near as popular as it was at the Brisbane show, there won’t be many of them!  I am really looking forward to seeing how popular the latest MagSwitch products are down here – the yellow stock (featherboards, MagFences etc) really look the part.  I especially like the single roller MagFence on the bandsaw fwiw.

Better get my last minute prep done.  See you over the weekend if you are in Melbourne.

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