Shed Designer for iOS and Android

It had to happen some time, (and the sooner the better!) – shed manufacturers are releasing design programs for mobile devices.  So now you can design your shed while in the field, in the train, or anywhere else you have your phone or tablet device, and have a few minutes spare.

Down under, and it is Fair Dinkum sheds who have taken the initiative and have just released an app for the iPhone and iPad, as well as a version for Android (and a web version for Mac and PC for those playing at home (or at work 😉 )

Photo 15-05-13 22 59 56

I’ve been playing with the iPad app specifically, which is where the screen shots have come from.  Same functionality for the other versions, just different layouts.

The front screen has a number of pages of information (the green buttons), including info about ShedSafe, bit about the company, links to relevant YouTube videos etc.  On the left side, there is a button to take you through to the shed designer package.

Photo 15-05-13 22 13 56 Photo 15-05-13 22 14 41 Photo 15-05-13 22 15 32

In this current version of the software, you can design one of the first 4 styles of shed – future updates should include the other two styles, and include additional options for positioning of extensions, lean-tos etc.

Photo 15-05-13 22 16 02

The picture of the shed is not static either – as you’d expect for an iPad (etc) app, a drag of a finger can pan the shed around, get a higher, or lower perspective.

Even for a basic shed, there are huge numbers of variables available, including a wide range of roof pitches, changing the span and length, and colour it all as you like.

Photo 15-05-13 22 19 01   Photo 15-05-13 22 51 13

Once you have the shed designed, including options you want (skylights, whirlybirds etc), you can submit to to your local Fair Dinkum dealer for a quote, or “share” it on Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS.

If your shed has features outside the parameters of the software, the dealers have a more sophisticated version of the package to custom design to your heart’s content.  The app is a more simple interpretation of their full design and engineering software. You get to to control the cosmetic features of the shed, which their design software then uses as the basis of its engineering calculations in order to create fully engineered plans and the quote.

The app is free, so you can download and design your current shed, or your next one.

If you visit their web page, there are links through to the app store of your choice (iOS, Android, or web based version for the computer)


The software itself has a very consistent look and feel, irrespective of your platform of choice.



Manspace Magazine is heading right into the digital frontier with their latest move.

You can certainly still subscribe to the traditional version for $20 ($19.95 for the pedantic) for 4 issues if you want, or save a tree and get it electronically to be read on you device of choice (computer, iPad, Samsung tablet etc etc)

It is available through Zinio, which has a whole swag of other magazines also available, across IT platforms. You can also buy individual issues of Manspace for $6.95

To get to Zinio, click the icon and shop for magazines to your heart’s content. It doesn’t affect your discounts, but Stu’s Shed gets a bit of a kickback. There is a massive range of magazines available too, and they are crossplatform. Buy it on your computer, and read it on you iPad or iPhone (or any other popular device) (and vise versa) Don’t forget to search for “Manspace”! There is quite a comprehensive list of magazines available to choose from, especially when using a web interface.

Zinio - Be Well Read

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