Anarchy in the Shed

While walking past the Lie Nielsen stand at the show, half buried under another book, a nondescript cover and logo caught my eye.



To most, that understated cover means very little, certainly not something worth even a casual glance.  But behind that symbol lies a much greater story

The Anarchist's Tool Chest

The Anarchist’s Tool Chest

The book was the Anarchist’s Tool Chest, by Chris Schwarz.

To be honest, I doubt even 2 seconds passed before I had decided to buy it.  I know it is out in a number of formats (electronic), but I don’t think the real essence of the book can be conveyed in any other format than a physical, hardcover tome.

It is part journey, part instruction manual, part woodworking philosophy.  I expect to be challenged by the book to consider my workshop, to reassess tools that I have (not necessarily to part with them), and to develop a desire to construct an Anarchist’s tool chest of my own.

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