I love it- the guys at Veritas and Lee Valley come up with the absolute best ideas.

Each year they seem to outdo themselves.

The VOUBO, or “Vertically Orientated Utility Bench Offering”


The perfect bench when you don’t have space for a traditional one (or want to make use of the extra accessibility to your project).

Check out their website for more detail.

Keeping it Real

Lee Valley / Veritas is a company that produces some pretty innovative products – well thought out, designed, manufactured.

And every year for the past 8 years, on a certain day of the year, they have poured all that creativity into producing a product that looks as good as all the others, and as desirable, and yet is a joke.  An April Fools Day one.

And yet, even knowing some of these are meant as a joke, you can still find yourself wanting one! One was so popular as an idea, it has actually become a real (limited run) product!  A blank tape measure may have been meant as a joke, but the idea is fundamentally a good one.


Variable Gang (Dovetail) Saw

Full Round Spokeshave

Honing Guide Mk XXXXII

Pouchless (Magnetic) Toolbelt


Low Angle (Superblade) Jack Plane


Dovetail Anywhere

The latest tool from Veritas looks well thought out, and quite a bit of fun, especially if you don’t get to see the inside of your shed often.

Veritas Pocket Dovetailer

“That’s where the Veritas® Pocket Dovetailer comes in. With one tool, you can make airtight dovetails while at work, on the road, or even on vacation. This carefully crafted 6-in-1 multi-tool lets you do it all, wherever you want, whenever you want. Practice makes perfect, and this is the perfect tool to practice with.”

As is the norm with Veritas, this tool looks like it has had a lot of thought put into it, and would be very functional.  Even for an April Fools joke. And as with their others, you can still see yourself wanting one!

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