Enz of an Era

It seems an appropriate title, on a number of levels.
The (temporary) reformation of Split Enz for the recent charity concert Sound Relief.

The end for me of having a near complete collection of Triton gear – especially reminiscent when checking and watching leave the Triton Router Table. The bandsaw and 3 in 1, and the WC2000 all ventured out into the great wide world as well. The WC2000 is heading up to the recent bushfire affected areas, to replace one that was lost in the blaze, so I’m pleased about that.

The apparent end of Triton demonstrating (although that died a quiet death with the demise of Triton – who knows what the future holds).

The fact that Split Enz has a song “History Never Repeats”. But that does have to be offset by Sean Connery as 007: “Never Say Never”……….

So as the cleanup after my biggest ever Ebay sale continues, seeing how much Ebay now take by forcing you to offer PayPal as a payment option really sucks. One sale, on top of the advertising fee and the end of auction fee, the PayPal fee really eats into the bottom line. The PayPal fee alone for that one sale was $20. Unfortunately, there really doesn’t seem to be a better way to sell Triton, but they really take their pound of flesh these days.

Some space is slowly revealing itself again, and I’m already getting some benefits from freeing up resources. I have an electrician already booked for Monday to come and run 40A of power down to the shed, and its own 5 circuit board (inc 2x 15A circuits). No idea why it was so hard getting an electrician – I had one come to quote, who never got back to me with a quote, one who never even returned my initial phonecall(s) (and messages), one that wasn’t interested, and the final one who gave me a quote that I could manage. So much for getting 3 quotes – I was lucky to finally get one! Thought we were in a recession? Guess not, at least I guess there is too much work for electricians out there to take on work that is available!

A Story!

In traditional Frederick Forsythyesque style, a combination of fact, rumour, innuendo, speculation and fiction results in the following:

A Story.

Once upon a time, in the Night Garden….. (you can tell I watch too much 2 year-old TV!)

After many years, (6 for me), and meetings (approximately 60), the Triton Woodworkers Club, Holmesglen is no more.  From it’s height where membership was around 70 (and coincidentally I was President for a couple of those years), to the point where but a 1/10th were left, the club had no option but to dissolve.  Today was the last meeting (although given current Bond fever, “Never Say Never”) and while we are quoting movies and books, a quote from the book of a movie from 1984 “The world ended not with a bang, but a whimper”, and the club closed its doors.

It is a reflection on a number of things, although not the current financial crisis (that comes into play a little later), but the main being an apparent steady downturn in Triton sales, combined with the ongoing increase in ever-increasingly affordable big boys toys such as tablesaws.  Of course, referencing straight back to the current financial situation, with the plunge of the Aussie dollar, I wonder how cheap these large tablesaws will be shortly – perhaps the WC2000 is not such a bad option again after all.

And another quote, this time from the Wachowski brothers (or is that now the Wachowski brother and sister?) “Everything that has a beginning has an end”

With interesting things happening in China, the dollar, downturns in the (tool) marketplace, deals with the jolly green giant, and rumours of the sale of Triton to a European company looking at the Oz market, the next 6 to 12 months could be an interesting time.

Has Triton been sold?

Are the Germans coming?

Will an Australian Company beat them to the punch?

Will that result in the reemergence of the replacement for the WC2000, or will something new be coming?

Will we ever get to see a cast iron top workcentre with drop-in induction motor?

Will it have a SawStop mechanism and finally be able to tilt?

Will the old SuperJaws make a reappearance with the new one taking on a decidedly red (at least figuratively) colour scheme?

Will George himself make an appearance once again?

Will there be a three way deathmatch at the next Melbourne Woodworking Show, with the Chinese SuperJaws battling a new (old) Australian SuperJaws, with the Jaw-Horse doing a superplex off the top rope into the fray?

What the hell has Stu been smoking out in his shed?

Needless to say, that if the last 12 months were quite a storm of events, the next 12 will be a positive malestrom.

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