This gallery is a work-in-progress (and at the moment is still being built, so sorry about the mess!), and is by no means a complete record of things I have made (but I’m working towards that!) Many of the items seen here are also a feature of a blog entry or a video.


Making toys would probably be my favourite. There is something very traditional about wooden toys, and I always feel that is important to have some toys made of traditional materials in this day of brightly coloured (rarely durable) plastics.



Puzzle dinosaurs. Made with a combination of the bandsaw and scrollsaw


Toyhouse furniture – Sink and Stove Set.


Working front-end loader, rolling and articulating, with functional bucket. Made from Jarrah using a combination of tablesaw, lathe, bandsaw and scrollsaw.

Pen Turning

Although not very challenging compared to many turned items, never-the-less, pen turning is very rewarding, and a great way to display different timbers…..and it is much nicer using a pen you’ve made, rather than one you’ve bought!





A themed pen – the theme being a cross. This is my interpretation.



My first attempt at producing a captive ring. Given its size, and that it is on a pen, I was quite impressed with the result.






Assorted Items


A small goblet in Huon Pine as an experiment in turning.



Received a load of redgum firewood one day, and threw a bit on the lathe. Ended up with a mallet that I’ve been using for a few years now. Probably a lot more useful than burning it!



This is one of the first things I ever turned. Made from some redgum firewood (as was the mallet), I thought (stupidly) that I’d see if I could turn a ball. Somehow I got this piece out of it.


A bit strange, but not all woodwork needs to be artistic, or an object. The front of the property needed a fence, and this is what eventuated. One of the benefits of having a Triton workbench – I was able to take it to the job, and so each picket was angled at the base to match the slope of the path.

4 Responses

  1. Can I purchase the stove and sink?

  2. Hey Stu
    Is it me or are some/ many of the photos missing on your site ???

  3. Some transient fault with the blogging host it appears.

    Hate it when that happens!

  4. Nice to meet you last night at Fed Sq Stu. I just had a look at your site and it’s one of the truly better ones. I enjoyed the visit and a few informative downloads.

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