Trailer part 2

Couldn’t bring myself to buy a Chinese made trailer – just wrong on so many levels.  Not the least of which because there was no mention at all that the majority were not locally made, while those that were had it plastered all over, giving the strong impression all were.


I contacted J.S.T. Trailers in Dandenong after a recommendation from a family member (plus I knew their trailer was a well made, solid thing).  And they had just what I wanted sitting there, ready to go.

8×5 dual axle, hydraulic brakes and cage, and even better, saved me almost $800!

And made by them cut by cut, weld by weld onsite, not shipped from a factory half a world away.

Photo 11-5-17, 07 59 18.jpg

Ok, so I am excited about a trailer.  Looking forward to making use of it (especially if you see what I was using – an old 6×4 that I got 2nd hand for when I was doing Triton demos at Bunnings).  Having one with a good capacity is going to make everything just that much easier.

3 Responses

  1. It’s probably a good thing you didn’t buy one from China, they drive on the wrong side of the road, so they are not suitable for Australian conditions.
    Now we have heard and seen the trailer, when do we get to see the full movie.
    Good towing with your new acquisition Stuart.

  2. Looks great. I’ll have to go there when I buy mine 👍

  3. Nice trailer Stuart. I also had one like this made in Australia with same cage. My comments after I had it for 4 years.
    1. Be aware that on toll roads you will be charged extra for the dual axle.
    2. 8 x 5 but could not fit an 8 x 4 sheet of ply inside…mostly because they are working to the same size sheet of checker plate and everything is on the inside of that dimension.
    3. I used the trailer to transport my dingo digger and before I loaded it the first time I cut and welded in between the “Joists” in the floor frame 38 x 38 RHS along the track points of the machines wheels. Added some weight but saved the floor from bellying.
    4. I purchased a lock-up storage box and bolted it to the front of the trailer to the draw arm’s stabilizer arms, very handy for associated items
    5. bent some 10mm round and drilled a few holes in the top cage RHS over the uprights to support a tonneau cover.

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