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It is great to see Bunnings have stepped up with the demise of the competing Masters stores.

Went in tonight to buy about 20 sheets of 2400×1200 3mm MDF.  Couldn’t get a park in the store because they had filled all the parking bays with their trailers (it certainly wasn’t closing time).  Then went to get the sheets – they had 2.  When asked if there was any more, it was “that’s all we have, what can you do?”

Asked if I could get the equivalent in smaller sheets at the same price “nup”.

Back to the old days it seems.  Didn’t take long.

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  1. Yep, I reluctantly had to go there recently in Pakenham after being so used to the new level of service I was getting from Masters. I drove past the huge empty Masters store and over to the crowded Bunnings carpark tucked in the corner. It was very sad as I saw an electrician taking down the huge Masters sign off the wall and then went in to receive very poor service at Bunnings, I had forgotten how bad they were. Such a shame that more people didn’t start shopping at Masters. It was so much better in so many ways but many I spoke to had never even been in there for a look.

    I went there first for everything, if I couldn’t get it then I went to Bunnings. Out of all the brands I used to buy very few are even available at Bunnings anymore, Wattle, Organoil, Decent Black spray paint, Good Bahco files (Nicholson are now rubbish and it’s all Bunnings sell) the list goes on and on.
    Even the plywood selection was better at Masters as you say Stu, everything I used to get I now have to go to multiple suppliers. Too many suppliers have been screwed by Bunnings over the years and no longer deal with them and yet somehow they end up the ones who survive the war against Masters?? Now we are stuck with them again and they can get away with doing whatever they want and we just have to cop it.
    So typical of Australia today. We just have to shut up and cop it. Powerless consumers!

  2. I’d be suprised if they kept 20 sheets of any full sized sheet goods in stock at any given time. At my local bunnings , the 18mm mdf is now only accessible by forklift! In my opinion, Bunnings needs less of ‘good morning, how are you today’ from every staff member you pass and more of people that know what they are talking about and more attention to stock levels.

    Having said that, my local Total Tools told me that the festool ts55 can cut marble with the stock blade. I knew festool was good, but didn’t know they were that good LOL.

    Bunnings do have their place though, as they seem to be happy to sell below their cost price even on special order items to honour their 10% price guarantee. So today I just got them to order in a bosch blue sander for me at a $25 loss to them (I saw their cost price on the screen).

    Ben 1. Bunnings 0.

  3. Must be a different Bunnings company to the one we have in Penrith and Blue mountains NSW. Always great service. I usually call to see if they have the stock I am after before I get the car out of the garage.

    • I have no complaints about service at Bunnings either, though it’s not quite up there with the service I had at Carbatec from a bloke with the same name as you 😉
      Bunnings isn’t the first place I’d go for timber and sheet goods anyway, there are plenty of trade suppliers around me. Not too hard to sign up for a pay as you go trade account, even without an ABN.

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