The great Masters sell off.

With 14 days or so to go until the doors finally close on the failed Masters experiment, prices have been dropped again, now to 60-80% off.

Sounds good, except that is a carcass that has been heavily picked over.  There is so little stock in each store, that if the combined shelf space of all Masters put together would struggle to fill a single outlet (and even then it would be a sad product range.

In the power tool section, pretty much everything has gone, bar one brand.  Wonder what is says about that brand’s reputation that plenty of stock is still left, even with a minimum 60% off, and no other choices (competition) available?!

3 Responses

  1. I think is because there is no stock of batteries. They were the first things to go. All the other big brands names you can source batteries from other outlets in Australia.

  2. They already had that Triton stuff at >50% off months ago. Nearly nothing else left on the shelves.

  3. Buy it all and sell it on eBay. haha

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