Clean up in isle 1

While I’ve been doing quite a bit in the shed in recent months, especially around the CNC, my housekeeping (in the shed) has been woefully neglected.

So I put a couple of hours into it yesterday, and managed to get a semblance of order into an area of a whole 8m2.  Granted it was probably the worst corner of the shed, but still, there is a lot more work required out there.

I am happy with the start though, and rather than the two hours trying to generally clean everywhere (which inevitably only touches the high traffic areas), this covered a lot less area, but got right into the corners, backs of shelves etc.

Now if only I can keep it that tidy as I progress the clean across the shop.

I might even get to unpack some more boxes that I haven’t seen the contents of for a few years!

One Response

  1. Yes, I hear you. I have some of those boxes myself. Unfortunately I won’t be un packing them because we are moving yet again! Hopefully this will be the last time I have to pack up house and workshop. So after the Christmas rush it’s time to start packing.

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