Sass & Spunk Styles

Been doing quite a lot of product development for Sass & Spunk Styles recently, which is interesting.  

You can check them out on Facebook – search for “Sass & Spunk Styles”

They can definitely style their product photos better than I can! There are some lessons I can learn from there.

He is a snap I took yesterday of a part of their stand at a local market.

The great Masters sell off.

With 14 days or so to go until the doors finally close on the failed Masters experiment, prices have been dropped again, now to 60-80% off.

Sounds good, except that is a carcass that has been heavily picked over.  There is so little stock in each store, that if the combined shelf space of all Masters put together would struggle to fill a single outlet (and even then it would be a sad product range.

In the power tool section, pretty much everything has gone, bar one brand.  Wonder what is says about that brand’s reputation that plenty of stock is still left, even with a minimum 60% off, and no other choices (competition) available?!

Clean up in isle 1

While I’ve been doing quite a bit in the shed in recent months, especially around the CNC, my housekeeping (in the shed) has been woefully neglected.

So I put a couple of hours into it yesterday, and managed to get a semblance of order into an area of a whole 8m2.  Granted it was probably the worst corner of the shed, but still, there is a lot more work required out there.

I am happy with the start though, and rather than the two hours trying to generally clean everywhere (which inevitably only touches the high traffic areas), this covered a lot less area, but got right into the corners, backs of shelves etc.

Now if only I can keep it that tidy as I progress the clean across the shop.

I might even get to unpack some more boxes that I haven’t seen the contents of for a few years!

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