Stopped the Saw

Having the opportunity to demonstrate the SawStop means I have set it off many times, by a variety of techniques.

Today was the first time I tried a new technique.  Setting off the brake for real, by accident, as a false release.

Wrecked a brake, damaged a blade (a good one).  So how do I feel about it all now, now that I have incurred the cost of a blade and brake which wasn’t a real save?  Absolutely no different to how I felt about the whole system yesterday.

Sure, I made a mistake, but you don’t piss and moan about the airbags in your car going off unnecessarily in a less serious accident, and I feel exactly the same about the SawStop.  It is still there ready to save if there is ever a need.  I have had the SawStop for a few years now, and this is the first time, so to my mind that equates to about a $100/year insurance policy. Yes, I am comfortable with that.

So what happened?  I forgot that the SawStop mechanism was there I think.  I was cutting some acrylic, which I have done plenty of times before, but this was acrylic with a difference.  It has a silvered surface, ie, a mirror.  And silvered surfaces tend to be……metallic.  I must have not been making good contact, so it didn’t detect me through the material initially, but as the blade got closer to me, it must have passed a threshold reading and off it went.

There are a lot out there that disagree with SawStop, for whatever reason, and this adds fuel to their fire.  So be it, that is your personal choice.  Me, I know how much the cost, and personal physical damage of just a simple knife slip.  I can’t begine to imagine what the results would be for a tablesaw accident.

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